3 Stunning New iPhone Features Coming Any Minute Now on iOS 15.2

3 Stunning New iPhone Features Coming Any Minute Now on iOS 15.2

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It’s almost here—iOS Apple’s 15.2 will be released any day now.

In terms of privacy improvements, it’s perhaps the most significant iOS 15 updates.

The iOS 15.2 release includes a slew of spectacular new iPhone features that will revolutionize your privacy.

Even better, it’ll be here shortly.

The fourth beta of iOS 15.2 has just arrived, indicating that the latest iPhone upgrade will be available in the coming weeks.

The following are the three most important iPhone features in iOS 15.2.

App Privacy Report for iOS 15.2

The App Privacy Report is possibly the most game-changing feature in iOS 15.2.

This new iPhone function was introduced with iOS 15 in the fall, but you won’t be able to access the report until iOS 15.2 is released.

You can make the report, but the file is now illegible, leaving the feature mostly worthless.

When iOS 15.2 is released, it will no longer be the case. In an easy-to-read report, you’ll be able to see the rights you’ve granted to which of your iPhone apps.

In addition, the App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2 expands on iOS 14’s popular App Watching Transparency feature by allowing you to see which applications are tracking you.

“The App Privacy Report is a great way to see what applications are doing in the background and take complete control of permissions,” explains Jake Moore, an ESET cybersecurity professional.

Moore suggests that when iOS 15.2 is released, you review your iPhone app permissions and revoke them when necessary.

“Granting access to sensitive information like your microphone, photographs, and location should not be taken lightly, so be sure you understand what your applications can monitor and analyze.”

“It’s always advisable to limit access to your data and only provide rights when they’re absolutely essential for the app to work.”

Check for AirTags that are following you on iOS 15.2

Another wonderful privacy feature in iOS 15.2 is an update to the Find My app that allows you to check for AirTags or other Find My-enabled objects that may be following you.

Under iOS 15.2, under “Items That Can Track Me,” there is an option in the Find My app’s Items page under “Items That Can Track Me.”

This allows you to search for objects that may be following you.

Hide My Email from the Apple Mail app in iOS 15.2

The option to conceal your email straight from your Apple Mail App is another game-changing new feature in iOS 15.2. Isn’t it amazing?

Simply open your email and press the Cc/Bcc section, and the option to conceal your email should appear.

This will allow you to email marketers and anyone who you don’t want to know your true email credentials with a phony email address.

Your emails will continue to be redirected to your actual address, and you may delete your false email addresses at any time.

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