4 Reasons Your Family Still Needs a Printer

4 Reasons Your Family Still Needs a Printer

Your home office setup is in desperate need of a tech upgrade if the last time you bought a home printer was when you lived in a college dorm room strewn with pizza boxes.

Sure, cellphones have made many chores easier over time,

But there’s no disputing that there are moments when you just need to touch a paper or photograph in your hands.

And there’s good news: printer technology has advanced significantly since your childhood’s pixelated prints.

The new ENVY Inspire Printer with HP+ is, in reality, HP’s greatest and most flexible home printer.

What sets it unique from other current printers is that it has HP+, a technology that makes the printer even smarter, ensuring that it is always up to date and secure and ready to print.

Recipes at your fingertips

You’ve practically memorized your favorite spaghetti carbonara recipe, but you’re still tethered to your phone’s cooking app, which means you’re not only swiping every few minutes to keep the recipe visible,

But you’re also one bad move away from dropping your phone into a boiling pot of pasta.

Use ENVY Inspirer’s Print anywhere function to avoid having to clean up your equipment.

With the HP Smart App, you can print recipes on the fly from the grocery store or farmers market.

Vacation photos in a hurry

You’re aching to frame and hang images from your family’s vacation to the Grand Canyon.

The nearest pharmacy picture kiosk, though, is on the opposite side of town, and it’s typically broken. What’s more, guess what?

On your ENVY Inspire, you can print your magazine-level images at home.

Before you ask, yes, the quality is excellent, and yes, you may print remotely using the HP Smart App even when on vacation.

You’ll receive brilliant, true-to-phone photographs in both classic and new photo sizes, such as Instagram square and panoramic, and you can even print two-sided on 46″ photos to add text on the reverse, such as dates, recollections, and notes.

It’s ideal for scrapbooks and archives!

Easy access to your boarding pass, even with a dead battery

Speaking of your recent vacation, it’s a reasonable guess that at least one member of your family was inconvenienced by a dead phone battery. (In the centre of a national park, charging stations might be hard to find.

If you rely on your phone to display your boarding pass for your return flight, you could end up stranded at security.

The best approach to ensure a pleasant journey is to print out your boarding card ahead of time — it’s your most critical carry-on item.

Cards and keepsakes for every occasion

One of the many family photographs you shot this year will make a great Christmas card, but unless you upload it to one of those card-making sites as soon as possible, you might not get your box of season’s greetings until after Presidents’ Day.

Printing such cards at home will relieve you of the worry of supply chain concerns. Are you not a designer? It’s no issue.

The ENVY Inspire includes a number of designs to help you create a beautiful holiday card or keepsake.

You won’t have to worry about running out of ink halfway through with Instant Ink, a subscription service that helps you save up to 50% on ink while also ensuring fresh cartridges arrive on schedule.

During setup, you’ll be eligible for six months of free Instant Ink from HP+!

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