Amazon Confirms that their Appstore isn’t Working on Android 12

Users began reporting that they were unable to utilize any of the Amazon Appstore apps shortly after Google released Android 12 in October, according to 9to5Google.

The problem was first reported on the Amazon forum over a month ago, and there’s no word on when it could be fixed (via Liliputing).

“We are aware of and working to remedy a problem affecting app performance and launches for the tiny number of Amazon Appstore users who have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices,” Troy Edwards, an Amazon representative, told The Verge. “Amazon Fire Tablets and Fire TV devices are not affected by this vulnerability.”

In the thread on Amazon’s forum, one user, Lovingboth, describes their experience with the issue:

“My rain radar app from the Amazon Appstore is still happily running and giving me alerts via notifications, but I can’t actually see them because the Amazon Appstore’s failure to run properly prevents it from running full screen.”

Furthermore, some customers claim that when they access the Amazon Appstore, no apps show, while others claim that they are prompted to update their apps when none are required.

A member of the Amazon staff also reacted to concerns in the forum, stating that the “technical team is still investigating the matter,” but offering little insight into what went wrong.

According to Liliputing, the problem might be due to a compatibility issue between Amazon’s built-in DRM and Android 12. Eduardo S, a member of the Amazon forum, links to a remedy that blames DRM for the problem.

For the technologically adept, he suggests trying installing an app’s APK on a device running an older version of Android.

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