Apple’s iPhone Successor Is Revealed

The tech giant’s next big thing might be an augmented-reality headset or smart glasses.

Wait till next year if you thought the hullabaloo about Facebook, virtual reality, and the metaverse was a lot.

In 2022, Apple is anticipated to introduce something at least as exciting: a head-mounted gadget with the potential to become the next great thing after the iPhone.

Meta Platforms, as Facebook’s parent company is now termed, is focused on creating a world that is different from our current reality, one that we can escape to while sitting on our couches.

Apple is increasing the stakes with its plans for headgear or smart glasses that would provide access to a layer of information, objects, and data that will be scattered across our vision of the actual world like digital pixie dust—a so-called augmented reality, or AR—according to experts.

While Apple hasn’t revealed its plans, analysts and other industry insiders believe the firm will unveil its first AR product before the end of 2022.

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