Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Includes Three Standout Features!

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Includes Three Standout Features!

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We’ve heard a lot about Apple’s planned mixed reality and virtual reality headset, including numerous rumors about what the headgear would be like.

According to the most recent report, it’s actually intended to be used as a source of amusement.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in his weekly ‘Power On’ email that this is the case.

The headgear is reportedly being developed with gaming, media consumption, and communication in mind.

Because it will apparently include its own app store, numerous CPUs, a fan, and a “very high-quality display,” Gurman expects that gaming “should be a key focus of the system.

” Apple aims to pitch the headgear as “a fantasy for game makers,” according to Gurman.

Gurman also expects the firm to collaborate with content providers to create material that can be viewed in virtual reality.

In terms of communication, Gurman anticipates a virtual reality version of FaceTime as well as animoji compatibility.

That all makes sense based on things we’ve heard regarding the headset’s hardware.

Dual 4K micro-LED screens, Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, 15 optical modules, eye tracking, and more are all expected to be included in the headset’s lightweight design.

We’ve heard tales in the past that depicted a totally different image.

According to prior rumors, Apple never intended for their mixed reality headset to be sold to the general public.

Instead, it was allegedly created to pave the way for Apple’s augmented reality glasses.

The idea was that by having an AR-capable device on hand, Apple could ensure that developers would be able to create augmented reality apps in time for the debut of Apple Glasses.

The speculated price tag, which was said to vary from $1,000 to $3,000, mirrored this.

While Gurman’s latest study doesn’t rule out this possibility, the company’s emphasis on entertainment implies the headset will be marketed as a consumer gadget.

After all, it’s tough to get developers and content providers to participate if the audience is limited.

However, most of what we think we know about the headgear come from accounts like Gurman’s, as well as some speculation and wishful thinking.

Apple hasn’t said much about its ambitions for wearable AR and VR technology, save that it’s on the table.

To figure out what’s going on, we’re pulling together information from rumors, stories, and Apple’s own patents.

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