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Find The Best DTF Printer to Upgrade Your T-Shirt Business NOW

Tired of the limitations of traditional printing? Then step into the world of DTF printing, where t-shirts become your canvas and intricate patterns burst to life.

DTF (Direct-to-Film) printers aren’t just machines; they’re portals to textile innovation. They offer unmatched flexibility, bypassing the restrictions of vinyl or screen printing. If you’re searching for a way to set your garment printing business ablaze, a top-notch DTF printer is your secret weapon.

But hold on – not all DTF printers are created equal. Let’s navigate the market together. Consider these questions before you take the plunge:

  • What’s your ambition? Are you a small-scale hustler or aiming for industrial-level output?
  • Is speed your superpower? Choose a printer that aligns with your production pace.
  • Do you crave pixel-perfect precision? Ensure high-resolution prints for those stunning details.
  • Tech-savvy or newbie? Prioritize user-friendliness when starting out.

With so many DTF printers out there, zeroing in on the best fit is crucial. To help you narrow down your choices, consider these printer categories:

Comparison Table: DTF Printer Options

FeatureL1800-CPrinterDTF-A3 L1800PrinterL1800-CTenee A3 L1800 DTF PrinterL1800-Roll
Print FormatA3 🖨️A3 🖨️A3 🖨️A3 🖨️A3 🖨️
Roll FeederYes ✅Not SpecifiedYes ✅Not SpecifiedNot Specified
White Ink SystemCirculation + Auto Clean 🔄Circulation + Preheating 🔥Circulation 🔄Circulation 🔄Circulation + Auto-Warning ⚠️
Included ExtrasHeat StationOven, Software, Ink, FilmInk, FilmOven, Ink, FilmOven
SoftwareNot SpecifiedPRO RIP (High Speed) 🚀Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Ease of UseBeginner-Friendly 👍Beginner-Friendly 👍Beginner-Friendly 👍Beginner-Friendly 👍Beginner-Friendly 👍
Print Head WarrantyNot Specified6 Months 🔧Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Tech SupportRemote Support 💻Remote Support 💻Remote Support (via WhatsApp) 📱Remote Support (via WhatsApp) 📱Remote Support + Install Video 📹
Unique FeaturesHigh-quality prints, value for money 💰PRO RIP software for boosted speed 🚀Auto ink warning for less waste 💡

TOP trending DFT PRINTERs 2024


PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Transfer Printer with Roll Feeder

Best DTF Printer For Beginners
9.2Expert Score
Best DTF Printer On Small Businesses

The PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer brings commercial-grade fabric printing versatility to DIY enthusiasts and small businesses. It’s a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to DTG, allowing vibrant, durable transfers onto both light and dark fabrics.

Key Features:

Direct to Film (DTF) Technology: Flexible, cost-effective printing method.
Roll Feeder: Handles continuous fabric for efficient production.
White Ink Circulation: Reduces clogs and waste.
Preheating System: Ensures proper powder adhesion for durable transfers.
Design and Aesthetics: Functional, industrial look. Not the most stylish, but focuses on practicality.
Value for Money: Offers good feature set vs. cost, undercutting higher-end DTF printers.
Longevity: Seems well-built, but long-term durability will depend on usage and maintenance.

Ideal For:

T-shirt businesses: Produce eye-catching custom apparel with ease.
DIY Enthusiasts: Create unique clothing designs at home.
Promo Item Creators: Brand merchandise, tote bags, etc.

Not a Fit For:

Those needing the finest intricate prints on fabric.
Users wanting a completely out-of-the-box, ready-to-print solution.
  • Print on Any Fabric: Handles cotton, polyester, blends, and more with no pre-treatment needed.
  • Vibrant, Long-Lasting Prints: Achieves rich colors and prints that withstand regular washes.
  • Roll Feeder Efficiency: Simplifies printing on larger runs of textiles.
  • White Ink Management: Built-in circulation and stirring prevents clogging, ensuring consistent results.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive controls and preheating system streamline the process.
  • Requires Additional Supplies: You’ll need DTF film, powder, and ink separately.
  • Slight Learning Curve: May take some practice to master perfect transfers.
  • Not for Small-Scale Details: Larger designs are its forte; intricate designs may be less optimal.

Summary: The PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer makes vibrant fabric printing surprisingly approachable, and the roll feeder is a plus for tackling larger projects.

Recommendation: If you want hassle-free custom garments on a variety of fabrics, this printer is a worthy contender.

Specific Use Cases: The PUNEHOD L1800 DTF printer is perfect for band merch, on-demand personalized gifts, sports team apparel, or anyone wanting to create eye-catching custom clothing without breaking the bank.


EnjoyColor A3+ DTF Printer with Roll Feeder

Enhance Your Fabric Printing with Efficiency and Vibrant Colors
8.9Expert Score
Best Uv DTF Printer

This L1800 DTF printer brings a new dimension to your fabric printing capabilities. Powered by Direct to Film (DTF) technology, it opens up a world of custom designs on both dark and light fabrics, surpassing the limitations of traditional DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.


A3 Print Format: Offers a larger print area for bigger designs and greater creative freedom.
Integrated Roll Feeder: Simplifies printing on continuous lengths of fabric, ideal for batch production.
Advanced White Ink Management: Features a system to keep white ink flowing, preventing clogs and ensuring reliable results.
High-Quality Output: Produces sharp, vibrant prints with smooth color transitions.
Versatile Ink Compatibility: Works with a range of DTF films and hot melt powders for flexibility in supplies.
User-Focused Design: Features like automatic printhead cleaning streamline maintenance.

Ideal For:

Expanding T-Shirt Businesses: Produce custom apparel with eye-catching prints and speed up your workflow.
Promotional Merchandise Production: Personalize tote bags, hats, and other items with sharp, durable graphics.
Textile Designers and Crafters: Experiment with fabrics to create unique home décor, fashion items, and more.

Not a Fit For:

A3 Size DTF Film: The EnjoyColor A4 can only handle A4-sized film, so larger A3 film wouldn’t work.
Low-Quality Ink: Using generic, low-quality inks may lead to clogging issues, poor color vibrancy, and inconsistent results.
Screen Printing Supplies: Screen printing is a different process; therefore, inks, mesh screens, and emulsions designed for it wouldn’t be compatible with a DTF printer.
  • No Pretreatment Needed: Saves time and eliminates the costs associated with preparing fabrics.
  • Wider Fabric Compatibility: Works seamlessly with cotton, polyester, blends, and other textiles.
  • Wider Fabric Compatibility: Works seamlessly with cotton, polyester, blends, and other textiles.
  • More Durable Prints: DTF transfers generally demonstrate better resistance to fading and wear.
  • Requires Additional Supplies: DTF printing involves specialized film, hot melt powder, and inks.
  • Potential Learning Curve: Mastering the DTF process for optimal results may take some practice.
  • May Not Be Ideal for Extremely Fine Details: While the L1800 offers good resolution, intricate designs are sometimes better handled by other techniques.

Specific Use Cases:

  • On-Demand T-Shirt Printing: Perfect for frequent design changes and situations where pretreatment isn’t practical.
  • Branded Merchandise: Creates long-lasting logos and graphics on a variety of promotional items.
  • Small-Batch Textile Production: A cost-effective approach for prototypes or short production runs.

Summary: The L1800 DTF Printer combines print quality, user-friendly features, and the efficiency of a roll feeder. It expands your fabric printing possibilities compared to traditional DTG printers.

Recommendation: If you want to broaden your fabric printing capabilities, produce vibrant and durable prints, and value efficiency, the L1800 DTF Printer is a strong contender.


DSV L1800-Roll DTF Printer with Auto Heat Station

Streamline Your Fabric Printing
9.2Expert Score
Best DTF Printer For Businesses

The DSV L1800-Roll DTF Printer empowers businesses and hobbyists with versatile, efficient fabric customization. It works on various textiles and includes features to simplify the printing process.

Key Features

Direct to Film (DTF) Technology: Flexible and cost-effective fabric printing method.
White Ink Circulation System: Prevents clogging and maintains print quality.
Auto Heat Station: A time-saving and efficiency-boosting addition.

Ideal For:

Small-to-Medium Print Shops: Tackle garment orders efficiently with the roll feeder and streamlined operation.
DIY Enthusiasts Expanding Projects: Handle larger and more complex textile projects with ease.
Promo Item Creators: Produce custom branded merchandise without limitations on fabric types.

Not a Fit For:

Those Focused on Extremely Fine Details: DTF generally excels at larger, bolder designs.
  • Roll Feeder & Auto Heat Station: Improves workflow, especially for larger print runs, minimizing paper jams.
  • Fabric Versatility: Print on a range of fabrics (cotton, polyester, blends, etc.) without pretreatment.
  • White Ink Circulation: Reduces clogs and waste, ensuring consistent print quality.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Streamlined design with the benefit of not needing manual printhead adjustments.
  • Requires Additional Supplies: Like all DTF printers, you’ll need to purchase compatible film, powder, and inks separately.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, the DTF process itself takes some practice to master.

Summary: The DSV L1800-Roll DTF Printer is a strong option for those seeking efficient fabric printing, with features that enhance workflow and a dedicated support team.

Recommendation: If you want to simplify and expand your DTF printing capabilities, this printer is worth considering.



A Powerhouse for Vibrant Fabric Printing
8.8Expert Score
Best for User-Friendly, High-Quality DTF Printing

The PLK L1800 DTF printer is designed to bring fabric customization to the masses. Built for vibrant results and surprisingly easy operation, it’s a compelling choice for anyone looking to express themselves through custom textile designs.


Direct to Film (DTF) Technology: This flexible method unlocks the potential of printing on various textiles.
Roll Feeder: Efficiently handle larger projects and production runs.
White Ink Circulation: Maintain consistent colors and prevent print head issues.
Refillable Ink Tanks: Keep your running costs low in the long run.
Intuitive Workflow: User-friendly controls and features speed up the learning process.

Ideal For:

T-shirt Printing: Design and produce striking custom tees and apparel.
Creative Expression: Bring your unique ideas to life on fabrics for personal and gifting purposes.
Promotional Branding: Create branded merchandise with eye-catching, durable prints.

Not a Fit For:

Users requiring extremely high-resolution, intricate prints (Moderate to large designs shine here)
Those seeking a fully plug-and-play solution 
  • Vibrant on Any Fabric: Handles the full spectrum of materials without pretreatment headaches.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Expect designs to withstand wear and washes.
  • Time-Saver: The roll feeder takes the hassle out of larger print jobs.
  • Smart White Ink System: Reduces clogs, waste, and ensures color accuracy.
  • Lower Cost Over Time: DTF and refillable tanks keep operational costs down.
  • Supply Acquisition: You’ll need to source your own DTF film, powder, and ink.
  • Room for Mastery: Like any new skill, expect a learning curve for optimal transfers.

Summary: The PLK L1800’s winning combination of user-friendliness and vivid results on various fabrics makes it a standout. This printer empowers a wide range of users to bring their creative visions to life on textiles.

Recommendation: If you value ease-of-use, bold print quality, and the versatility to handle different fabrics, the PLK L1800 is a top contender.

Specific Use Cases: The PLK L1800 DTF printer excels with streetwear designers, personalized clothing creators, marketing teams creating branded swag, and anyone looking to elevate textiles with their own unique touch.



Unleash Your Creativity on Fabrics
8.6Expert Score
Best DTF Printer for Budget-Conscious Enthusiasts

The Tenee L1800 A3 DTF printer makes custom fabric printing accessible to everyone. This printer delivers quality results, a focus on hassle-free operation, and is surprisingly affordable for its capabilities.


Direct to Film (DTF) Technology: Flexible printing for a variety of designs and fabrics.
Smart Ink Management: White ink circulation, agitation, and automatic cleaning prevent clogs.
Wrinkle-Free Printing: Advanced paper handling ensures smooth transfers.
Rapid Ink Curing: Heating technology ensures prints are ready quickly.
Fabric Versatility: Works on cotton, polyester, leather, denim, and more – no pretreatment needed.

Ideal For:

Small Businesses on a Budget: Get started with custom apparel without breaking the bank.
DIY Crafters: Elevate home projects with your own printed designs.
Creative Entrepreneurs: Launch a personalized clothing or accessories line cost-effectively.

Not a Fit For:

Extremely High-Resolution Detail: Specializes in bold designs, not intricate fine lines.
Users Needing a Fully ‘Out-of-Box’ Setup: Some basic assembly is required.
  • Great Value: Feature-rich for its price point.
  • Vibrant Prints: Produces eye-catching colors on various fabrics.
  • Reliable, Low-Clog Design: Smart features minimize printhead issues.
  • Handles Variety: Experiment with different textiles and projects easily.
  • Excellent Support: Dedicated customer service for guidance.
  • Requires Additional Supplies: You’ll need DTF film, powder, and ink separately.
  • Basic Assembly Needed: Expect some setup before your first print.

Summary: The Tenee L1800 A3 delivers everything you need to get started in the world of DTF printing. If you’re seeking a capable and wallet-friendly way to bring your designs to life on fabric, it’s a compelling choice.

Recommendation: Perfect if you want great prints at an accessible price and are comfortable with a bit of initial learning and Dtf Printer Setup.

Specific Use Cases: The Tenee L1800 A3 DTF printer is a great fit for custom t-shirt shops, crafters adding personalization to home goods, and those wanting to print on a variety of fabrics without limitations.

Now that you know about the best DTF printers, learn how to get started quickly with our easy-to-follow guide on HOW TO PRINT DTF TRANSFERS

DTF Printing: Your Fabric Customization Adventure Begins

Visualize this: Your t-shirt designs bursting with colors that refuse to fade. Your home décor projects showcasing personalized fabrics in unique patterns.

Your promotional items branded with logos that withstand wear and tear. This is the world of DTF printing, and it’s within your reach.

While the HP Envy and Dell Inspiron are excellent all-around printers, they don’t specialize in Direct-to-Film (DFT) printing. If you’re interested in DFT technology, check out this article on the best DFT printers:

Before You Embark: Understanding the DTF Landscape

  • The Essentials: A DTF printer, special transfer film, hot melt powder, compatible inks, and a heat source (press or curing oven) form the core of your setup.
  • Not One-Size-Fits-All: Printers vary in size, speed, features, and price. Think small-scale DIY vs. high-volume production – your needs will dictate the best fit.
  • The Ink Factor: DTF inks are specifically formulated for this process. High-quality inks are crucial for vibrant colors and long-lasting results.

Your Quest for the Ideal DTF Printer: Questions to Guide Your Journey


What’s Your Production Scale?:

DIY Enthusiast: Smaller, desktop printers could be perfect for testing the waters and personalizing projects.

Growing Business: Mid-sized printers with faster speeds and roll feeders streamline larger orders.

Production Powerhouse: Industrial-grade machines are built for high-volume, non-stop printing.


Which Fabrics Excite You?:

The Usual Suspects: Most DTF printers handle the basics: cotton, polyester, and their blends.

Beyond the Ordinary: Some printers may have better compatibility with specialty fabrics like denim, silk, or even leather (with proper technique).


How Detailed Are Your Designs?:

Large and Bold: Printers with standard resolution are great for graphics, logos, and less intricate patterns.

Tiny Details Matter: If intricate designs are your forte, look for printers with a higher DPI for maximum detail reproduction.


Is Speed of the Essence?:

Steady and Sure: Smaller printers offer decent speeds and are perfect when time isn’t a major constraint.

Time is Money: Faster printers crank out more prints per hour, ideal for high demand and quick turnarounds.


What’s Your Budgetary Realm?:

Cautious Adventurer: Entry-level printers offer DTF’s benefits on a smaller budget, with room to upgrade later.

Committed Investor: Premium printers often boast additional features, higher capacity, and longer-term durability.


Extra Treasures to Seek on Your Quest

  • Reliable White Ink System: Look for printers with circulation and stirring features to prevent clogs and ensure consistent prints.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive menus and software make the learning curve less steep.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the printer’s track record and customer support, ensuring a reliable investment.


If you’re ready to take your home-based apparel printing to the next level, a DTF printer could be the perfect investment. But with so many great options out there, how do you make the right choice? Consider the factors that matter most to your business:

Speed demon or precision printer? 🤔 Will those slight differences in print speed and resolution between Tenee L1800 A3 and PLK L1800 DTF TRANSFER PRINTER have a real impact on how quickly you can fulfill orders?

Conversion curious sublimation setup?? Already rocking a sublimation setup? 💡 Let’s see if a DTF conversion kit could be your secret weapon for offering even more awesome printed products. Share your printer model!

If you’re still deciding between DTF and sublimation printing processes, learn about the key differences in SUBLIMATION AND DTF to make an informed decision about the best technique for your needs

What makes you tick? Beyond tees and hoodies, what unique items are you dreaming of customizing? Let’s brainstorm together – DTF might be the key to making it happen! 🤩

Worried about longevity? We get it! You want your designs to pop AND last. 💪 Tell us about any durability or color accuracy concerns you have, and let’s find the DTF setup that ensures your work stays vibrant for the long haul.

This article is just the spark – let’s keep the conversation flowing! Share your burning DTF questions, successes, and creative conquests with our community. Together, we’ll fuel your printing passion! 🔥


What are DTF prints?

DTF prints are transfers created using the Direct-to-Film printing method, known for their vibrant colors, durability, and versatility on different fabrics.

What kind of printer do I need for DTF transfers?

You’ll need a DTF printer, often a modified inkjet printer, specifically designed for this process.

Can I convert an Epson printer to DTF?

Yes, some Epson models can be converted to DTF printers using conversion kits. Popular models include the Epson L1800 and Epson Artisan 1430.

What do I need for DTF printing?

You’ll need a DTF printer, DTF ink, DTF transfer film, DTF adhesive powder, and a heat press.

How to print DTF transfers at home?

Here’s a simplified process:Prepare your design in graphic design software.
Print the design on DTF film using your DTF printer.
Apply DTF adhesive powder evenly to the printed image.
Cure the powder using a heat source (oven or heat press).
Position the transfer on your fabric and apply heat and pressure using a heat press.

Does DTF print white?

Yes, DTF printers have a white ink channel to print white elements in your designs.

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