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[Top 8] Best Laptops For FL Studio – Audiophile Picks [2024]

Do you make your beats, melodies, and loops with FL Studio?

If so, then you need the best laptops for fl studio projects.

This is because of all the audio processing that happens in this program.

It needs a machine with some serious horsepower to run smoothly.

The good news is that there are plenty of laptops on the market today that offer great performance while still being affordable.

In this guide, we will discuss what requirements an ideal laptop for FL Studio program should have (including RAM, CPU and GPU power, and hard drive space) as well as how to choose between various makes and models on the market right now!

Top 8 Best Laptops For FL Studio Comparison

LaptopsScreen SizeRAMSSDProcessorGraphics Card
Asus ZenBook Pro Duo15.6″16 GB1 TB10 Gen Intel Core i7-10870HNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
Asus ROG Zephyrus M 1515.6″16 GB1 TB9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750HNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q
MacBook Pro 16″16″64 GB8 TBApple M1 Max Chip with 10-core CPU32-core Integrated GPU
Asus ROG Strix G1515.6″16 GB512 GB10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750HNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6
Newest HP pavilion 17t17.3″16 GB1256 GB10th Gen Intel i7-1065G7NVIDIA GeForce 4GB GDDR5
Lenovo Legion Y54015.6″16 GB1 TB HDD + 512 GB SSD
9th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i7-9750HGeForce GTX 1650 4GB
Acer Aspire 715.6″8 GB512 GBAMD Ryzen 5 5500UNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Asus VivoBook 1515.6”8GB128 GBIntel Core i3-8145U CPU‎Intel UHD Graphics 620

The laptops on the list are equipped with the most recent Intel Core i7 or i5 processors, as well as 16GB or 8GB of RAM.

The laptops are also equipped with incredible graphics cards for smooth laptop use.

The laptops are also set up to run FL Studio 20 (the latest version).



Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

There is no better laptop on the market than the ASUS ZenBook Pro if you are seeking an ideal laptop for your DAW software.

The Intel Core i7-10870H CPU is at the heart of ASUS’s system, with six cores and a turbo clock speed of up to 4.5GHz.

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo‘s current clock speed enables it to function in tandem with FL Studio for quicker beat slicing, pitch scaling, and other CPU-intensive operations.

The current GeForce RTX 3070 GPU is a powerful addition that lets you connect up to four displays to create the sophisticated audio processing workflow you want.

16GB of RAM allows you to manage all 125 simultaneous audio recordings that FL Studio supports.

The 1TB NVMe solid-state storage module is lightning fast and can easily handle even the largest audio files.

The present storage unit is faster than an HDD at loading the program and even the Windows 10 Pro operating system.

Not only that, but you can also install the ASIO professional audio drivers with the current operating system.

It is the most productive laptop because of the dual-touch display.

The primary display is a 15.6-inch 4K display with a resolution of 38402160 pixels.

Asus ZenBook Duo Specs
Dimensions14.17 x 9.81 x 0.85 inches
Display Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight5.16 lbs
Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size1 TB
Processor Count8
CPU Speed5 GHz
OSWindows 10 Pro
Connectivity802.11ax, Bluetooth

The FL Studio UI looks and performs much better on this ZenBook pro duo 15 since it is beautiful, dynamic, and allows touch-based navigation.

The secondary 14.1-inch 4K matte panel (3840×1100 pixels) is responsive, allowing you to keep sequencers, scaling tools, references, or any of the three apps open for increased productivity.

The maker also includes a sensitive stylus pen that makes navigating through procedures and workflows a breeze.

If you’re a fan of drawing or a student of art, this will come in handy.

The existing keyboard is responsive, and retractable palm rest is included for working long hours (quite helpful if you also have a lot of typing involved in your work).

By combining an IR webcam with Windows Hello compatibility, a fantastic set of stereo speakers, and noise-free thermals for studio monitor headphones, this Asus dual-screen laptop boosts fundamental productivity.

For content makers, the ErgoLift design is a must-have feature.

Furthermore, at 5.51 pounds, this is truly a workstation-centric laptop with all the necessary connectors for commercially recording, mixing, and editing videos as well as audio files using FL Studio procedures.

A USB Type C connector with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, HDMI port, and various data transfer and display-specific slots including a headphone jack are among the choices.

You get Wi-Fi 6, Gig Ethernet, and practically every premium wireless and wired standard for accessing internet resources when it comes to connectivity.

Despite having two 4K monitors, the battery lasts for 5 hours.

However, no laptop can compete with the Asus duo pro’s features if you’re into professional music production, recording, or video editing.

9.3Expert Score
Best Laptop For Making Music

ZenBook Duo Pros
  • Powerful Processor
  • Dual Display
  • Exceptional Keyboard
  • ErgoLift Design
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is pre-installed
  • USB Port
ZenBook Duo Cons
  • Heavier than usual

ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS M 2021 – For Gaming

Asus Rog Zephyrus Laptop

Audiophiles will like the 15.6-inch Full HD screen, which allows users to organize MIDIs, plugin interfaces, patterns, piano rolls, sequencers, and channel racks on a single panel for easy access.

A responsive IPS panel with an overall resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is also included in the Asus rog Zephyrus m thin and portable gaming laptop.

While processing audio in real-time, the Pantone-certified display guarantees that you don’t miss any screen-based nuances.

For added convenience, this laptop for music production software has a user-friendly RGB keyboard, snappy touchpad, high-fidelity stereo speakers, and dependable built-in microphones.

The excellent cooling technique that optimizes heat dispersion follows.

Audiophiles will love the intelligent mode-switching function, which allows them to change fan noise based on their activities.

Because of its Hexa-Core design, the Intel Core i7-9750H is undoubtedly the greatest 9th Gen CPU for music production.

The laptop’s multithreading functionality shines out, allowing it to handle complex audio processing algorithms with ease.

When working on huge projects, the CPU’s turbo clocking speed of up to 4.5GHz comes in handy.

The single-core performance of the H-series chipset, which is 1066, is the most essential feature since many audio processes require one core at a time, demanding greater speeds for better and faster outputs.

While fundamental assumptions suggest that GPU isn’t all that vital in music creation, DAWs seek strong GPUs like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 found in the ROG Zephyrus M 15.

Zephyrus G15 Specs
Dimensions‎14.2 x 9.9 x 0.8 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight‎4.6 pounds
Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size1 TB
Processor Count8
CPU Speed4.5 GHz
OSWindows 10 Home
ConnectivityBluetooth, 802.11b/n/ac

When you install improved external displays for keeping gratifying audio processing operations, this preference comes in helpful.

External monitors may be connected easily using the RTX 2070’s one DVI and two DisplayPort connections.

The present GPU, with its 8GB VRAM, is excessive, but it allows you to play games and perform other graphics-intensive jobs such as running fl studio smoothly if you aren’t exclusively interested in music creation.

The 16GB of RAM on the Asus Zephyrus gaming laptop serves as the interface between the CPU and the application software.

You can run many ROMpler Plugins at the same time if you have a lot of RAM.

The laptop features a 1TB SSD, which speeds up the loading of the Windows 10 OS and the FL Studio application.

Library, sound, recording, and audio rendering are all delayed due to the present solid-state storage drive’s lack of NVMe compatibility.

It is, nevertheless, substantially faster than HDD storage devices.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is a slim laptop that weighs only 4.39 pounds.

The thinner metallic chassis features a rather extensive collection of connections and port layouts including a headphone jack.

HDMI, Type-A, Type-C, and other data transmission and display devices are examples of legacy peripherals.

The battery life on this ultraportable system for fl studio application is 6 hours, albeit this may be reduced somewhat when external screens are added.

Overall, the ROG Zephyrus M Thin is a futuristic laptop for music production, with a strong processor and a better-than-average battery.

8.8Expert Score
Best Laptop For Fruity Loops

ROG Zephyrus Pros
  • Powerful processor with 6-cores
  • High processing speed
  • Full HD Display
  • Upgradeable RAM
ROG Zephyrus Cons
  • Lack Thunderbolt 3 port

APPLE MACBOOK PRO 16-INCH – High Performance

Apple MacBook Pro

Because Apple MacBooks are high-performance computers, they can easily handle the CPU-intensive FL Studio.

If you have an older MacBook, such as one from 2015, the latest 20.6 version of this application software may create problems.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is all about sheer power and performance, with the specifications sheet nearly flawlessly translating into audio workflow management and DAW-centric music production.

MacBook Pro 16 is powered by the new Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip, which delivers a massive leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance.

With up to 10-core CPU and 32-core GPU, this laptop flies through pro workflows quicker than ever.

It also features a 16-core neural engine for up to 5x faster machine learning performance.

And with up to 8TB of superfast SSD storage, it launches apps and opens files in an instant.

Plus, it has best battery life – up to 21 hours – so you can keep working all day long.

With the New Apple MacBook Pro 2021, you’ll get an edge over the competition.

MacBook Pro 2021 Specs
Dimensions‎9.77 x 14 x 0.66 inches
Display Resolution3456 by 2234 pixels
Screen Size16 inches
Weight4.84 pounds
Memory64 GB
Hard Disk Size8 TB
Processor Count10
ConnectivityBluetooth, 802.11ax, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Battery Life21 Hours

The gorgeous 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display on the best fl studio laptop boasts an extraordinary dynamic range and contrast ratio, making it ideal for both creative workers and gamers.

Plus, its 1080p FaceTime HD camera with an advanced image signal processor ensures your video calls look their best.

You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tracks and films without distortion owing to its six-speaker sound system with force-canceling woofers.

If you’re concerned about processing speed and responsiveness, this model stands apart from other laptops manufacturers.

The M1 chip boosts the system’s overall performance.

Everything becomes easier for you, from scrolling through photographs to browsing Safari.

The Apple MacBook’s app launch speed is always an extra bonus.

Another reason for using one of these laptops to run FL Studio WorkStation-based programs is to save space.

The 10 Core CPU, which is capable of handling a heavy workflow system, turns processing performance 5 times quicker than standard processors.

The integrated 10 Core GPU in the M1 chipset provides 5x higher graphics card performance than competing GPU processors.

Furthermore, the upgradable memory with up to 2TB SSD storage with 3.3 GB/sequential speed is quite beneficial for improved performance.

9.8Expert Score
Best MacBook For FL Studio

MacBook Pro Pros
  • 16 core Neural Engine for machine learning
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Perfect for Digital Audio Workstations
  • Extremely Portable
  • Exceptional Audio
  • Face time HD camera
  • Dynamic speakers
  • Superfast SSD
MacBook Pro Cons
  • Expensive


Asus Rog Strix Gaming Laptop

The good news is that it comes with the highest possible hardware specifications.

So, if you’re a professional musician or aspiring singer, this gadget could inspire you.

In a sense, you get an NVIDIA graphics card with the GTX 1070 8GB, and, as if that weren’t enough,

you also have 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD to run fl studio smoothly.

If you’re going to work in a studio where there’s a probability of dirt and dust,

you won’t have to worry since the dust catcher thermal design will keep dust particles out.

Powered by a GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 and an Intel Core i7-10750H Processor, Rog Strix is perfect for fl studio music production.

The 15.6″ Full HD 19201080 144Hz IPS-Type Display guarantees seamless gameplay with vibrant colors,

while the 16GB DDR4 2933MHz RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD provide all the storage you need to play games, music, and movies.

The ROG Intelligent Cooling thermal system keeps your laptop running cool even under heavy use.

Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal Thermal Compound enables effective heat transmission from the CPU to the GPU.

Asus Strix Specs
Dimensions‎14.2 x 10.8 x 1 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight‎5.28 pounds
Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size‎512 GB
ProcessorCore i7_10750h
Processor Count6
CPU Speed5 GHz
OSWindows 10 Home
Connectivity‎Bluetooth, 802.11ax

It’s no surprise that the Asus Strix G15 is dependable and long-lasting.

High-quality sound, audio recording, and noise reduction are all features of the laptop good for fl studio.

You will also be amazed by the laptop’s design.

Four extra hotkeys for system controls are included.

The keyboard has a 1.8mm travel distance and can handle up to 20 million keystrokes, giving it a longer lifespan.

HDMI port, USB Type-A, Type-C port, Mini DisplayPort, RJ45 Ethernet, and a good SD card reader are among the VR-Ready connections.

For FL studio music software, the Asus Rog Strix G15 is the finest device. In addition, it is a powerful gaming laptop.

The ROG Strix G15 has a number of advantages that have earned it a position on our list of the Best FL Studio Laptops to Buy in 2021.

8.6Expert Score
Laptop For Music Production FL Studio

Asus ROG Strix G15 2021 Pros
  • Impressive audio quality
  • High-quality laptop
  • Light gaming laptop pc
  • Versatile laptop
Asus ROG Strix G15 2021 Cons
  • Little bit pricey


Newest HP Envy 17t Laptop

This laptop is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful computer with great features to run fl studio app.

The newest HP Envy 17t includes a Windows 10 Professional activation key, an HP warranty, and three years of McAfee Internet Security.

Packed with the newest 10th Generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce 4GB GDDR5 graphics card,

the HP Envy i7 Bang and Olufsen are perfect to play games, compose music, and professional usage such as fl studio users.

With 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB of HDD storage, you’ll have plenty of storage space for all your files and audio workload management.

In this fl studio laptop, music editing will be quicker and more efficient.

The 17.3″ diagonal FHD IPS multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass display is stunning and perfect for creative work or streaming your favorite shows.

HP 17t Specs
Dimensions15.94 x 10.47 x 0.88 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size17.3 inches
Weight‎6.14 pounds
Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size‎1256 GB SSD
ProcessorCore i7
Processor Count4
CPU Speed1.3 GHz
OSWindows 10
Connectivity‎Bluetooth, 802.11ac

Experience the latest in laptop technology with the HP Envy 17t.

FL Studio laptop offers Precision Touchpad for impeccable cursor control,

as well as Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX 201 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5 combo for ultrafast file transfer speeds.

The Newest HP Envy 17t Touch comes with Bang & Olufsen dual speakers for an immersive audio experience,

HP Audio Boost for richer sound quality, and a No DVD Writer for more storage space.

And with one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port that supports Power Delivery 3.0, HDMI 2.0,

and DisplayPort 1.4, you can easily connect to all of your favorite peripherals.

This premium laptop for fl studio is perfect for creatives, gamers, and busy professionals who need a powerful machine that can keep up with their demanding lifestyles.

8.2Expert Score
HP Laptop For Running FL Studio

HP Envy 17 Touchscreen Pros
  • HD audio
  • Perfect for audio production houses
  • High-performance laptop
  • Intel HD graphics card
  • Quad-core processor
  • Long battery life
  • HD LED touchscreen display
HP Envy 17 Touchscreen Cons
  • Expensive


Lenovo Legion Laptop

When it comes to music production, you may need to connect FL Studio with VST plugins to acquire better samples, presets, and synths.

Every procedure, as a result, puts a lot of strain on the CPU, which the Intel Core i7-9750H is more than capable of managing.

You can effortlessly analyze complicated rhythms, produce a synth-based tune,

or change the audio pitch thanks to the maximum possible turbo clock speed of up to 4.5GHz in the Lenovo Legion y540 Gaming Laptop.

The current dual storage unit can handle all of the saved data and projects,

as well as launch the FL Studio interface and Windows 10 OS, much faster than before.

The screen resolution on the 15.6-inch anti-glare display is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The broader viewing angles of Lenovo y540 15 ensure that you don’t miss any UI-related information.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU performs well for editing music and can help you improve your audio processing workflow by allowing you to use external displays.

Legion Y540 Specs
Dimensions14.37 x 10.24 x 1.02 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight‎‎5.1 pounds
Memory16 GB
Hard Disk Size‎‎512 GB
ProcessorCore i7
Processor Count6
CPU Speed‎2.6 GHz
OSWindows 10
Connectivity‎Bluetooth, 802.11ac

You get 16GB of RAM, which manages multitasking and music files storage, as well as assisting the CPU in making greater use of the piano roll by making patterns and blocks available faster than the storage drive.

With a 512GB SSD and a 1TB HDD module, the Legion y540 i7 outperforms the competition in terms of storage.

The Lenovo Legion i7 9th generation comes with a full-sized keyboard, a smooth touchpad, a powerful processor,

a useful webcam-microphone combo, and strong speakers, all of which contribute to the Lenovo Legion y540 i7‘s productivity.

This affordable laptop’s Harman speakers are exceptionally powerful and enable Dolby Atmos audio.

USB Type C port, USB 3.1 Gen 1, HDMI port, Mini DisplayPort, and other functioning connectors are included in this 5.1-pound notebook.

The current 57wh battery provides a 5-hour backup that is reliable but limited.

Overall, the Legion Lenovo y540 is the best affordable laptop to create music that enables you to easily compose and remix audio from a business standpoint.

8.2Expert Score
FL Studio 20 Laptop On A Budget

Lenovo Legion GTX 1650 Pros
  • Hexa core processor
  • Premium sound quality
  • Brilliant display
  • USB Type C Port
Lenovo Legion GTX 1650 Cons
  • No Thunderbolt 3 port

ACER ASPIRE 5 LAPTOP – Under $1000

Acer Aspire 7 Laptop

The Acer range of laptops is a creative powerhouse with a lightweight and ultrathin design.

Furthermore, an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U CPU is a capable processor for handling sophisticated programs.

FL Studio, for example, needs a strong CPU and GPU processor.

All of these needs are readily met with the Acer Aspire 7.

The Acer Aspire 7 A715-42G-R2M7 is a powerful and perfect laptop for playing games and creative works.

It features an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U Mobile Processor, 8GB of DDR4 memory, and 512GB of NVMe SSD storage.

Acer Aspire 7 a715 also comes equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM,

so you can get the most out of the newest games and graphics-intensive applications.

Furthermore, the 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display offers amazing images and excellent viewing angles.

And thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 support, you’ll be able to connect to your favorite wireless networks faster than ever before.

With Acer Aspire 7 Ryzen 5 5500u’s Backlit Keyboard and up to 10 Hours of Battery Life,

you’ll be able to work or play all day long without having to worry about running out of power.

Acer Aspire 7 2021 Specs
Dimensions‎14.31 x 10.02 x 0.9 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight‎‎‎7.13 pounds
Memory8 GB
Hard Disk Size‎‎512 GB
Processor Count6
CPU Speed‎4 GHz
OSWindows 10 Home

720p camera, backlit keyboard with numeric keypad, precision touchpad with fingerprint sensor,

and Dual microphone combination and built-in stereo speakers with TrueHarmony technology are just a few of the structural advances on display.

The Acer Aspire 7 is made entirely of metal, and its magnesium-clad chassis weighs just 7.28 pounds, making it easily transportable to meetings.

The Acer Aspire 7 A715-42G-R2M7 is a powerful and efficient laptop that comes with all the features you need to get your work done.

It has a USB Type C port for ultrafast data transfers, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, one with Power-off Charging, and one USB 2.0 port,

which makes it perfect for fl studio, as it heavily relies on them for connecting midi controllers and other audio interfaces.

Acer Aspire 7 Ryzen 5 Hexa core 5500u also has an HDMI port with HDCP support so you can easily connect to an external display.

The Acer a715 is one of the best budget laptops for running FL Studio to its full capacity from the perspective of a music artist or audio engineer.

8.5Expert Score
Laptop For FL Studio Under $1000

Acer Aspire 7 5500u Pros
  • Graphics memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650
  • Strong CPU + 4GB GDDR 6 VRAM integrated
  • HDMI cable support is included
  • Powerful Wireless connectivity
  • USB Type C Port
Acer Aspire 7 5500u Cons
  • No thunderbolt port


Asus Vivobook 15

VivoBook 15 is one of the best laptops for fl studios under 500 with cutting-edge hardware features at the same price range as other laptops.

The ASUS VivoBook 15 is perfect for students and busy professionals who need a powerful, lightweight laptop that can keep up with their hectic schedules.

At just over 3 pounds, Asus Vivobook 15 inches is easy to take with you wherever you go, and the 15.6 inches full HD display ensures your videos and photos will look great no matter where you are.

The Intel Core i3-8145U processor helps you breeze through tasks big and small, while the 8GB of RAM guarantees a smooth computing experience.

Plus, the 128GB M.2 SSD can store all your important files without taking up too much space.

And if you need to stay productive in low light conditions, the backlit keyboard makes it easy to see what you’re typing.

Asus VivoBook S 15 Specs
Dimensions‎14.1 x 9.1 x 0.75 inches
Display Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Screen Size15.6 inches
Weight3.8 pounds
Memory8 GB
Hard Disk Size‎‎128 GB
ProcessorCore i3
Processor Count2
CPU Speed‎3.9 GHz
OSWindows 10 Home

On Nano Edge displays, Virtual Studio looks fantastic.

ASUS has unequaled strength in terms of functionality.

Despite this, it has a fast CPU (up to 3.9GHz) and DDR4 SD RAM, allowing you to smoothly run FL Studio music composition application.

The VivoBook 15 is equipped with an Intel Core i3-8145U CPU, 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10 OS as standard.

Because of its tiny size, lightweight, and innovative “ergo lift” hinges, the Asus VivoBook 15 i3 is extremely portable.

The Asus Vivobook 15.6 laptop is only 3.75 pounds and 14.10 x 9.10 x 0.75 inches in size.

This laptop is also the best FL Studio laptop since it includes a backlit keyboard and fast charging.
The Asus Vivobook 15 15.6 speakers have a considerably stronger bass effect than imagined.

8.5Expert Score
Laptop For FL Studio Under $500

Asus VivoBook 15 Laptop Pros
  • Affordable laptop
  • Best performance
  • Excellent display
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
Asus VivoBook 15 Laptop Cons
  • For average use

What Exactly is FL Studio?

Using a computer or laptop for music projects was not necessary over a decade ago.

Songs were recorded in studios equipped with high-end technology and a wide range of tools including midi controllers.

The situation for musicians has completely transformed as a result of inexpensive workstations.

With software like FL studio installed on computers, artists and vocalists may now effortlessly make music.

FL Studio is a music production software that was created by the Belgian company Image-Line.

FL Studio is the ideal software for music production.

It first hit the market in 1997 as “Fruity Loops”.

The software for music production has come a long way since then and is now used by professional music producers all over the world.

It is accessible as a free demo version, but in order to use it without restrictions and create full music projects, you must purchase a license.

It’s very popular in hip-hop circles due to its easy workflow and wealth of plugins (the best fl studio visits).

FL Studio is software for organizing, recording, writing, editing, and mixing high-quality music.

FL Studio is used by the best and most imaginative artists.

If you’re new to FL Studio 20, you can learn some basics in the video below.

So, in order to utilize such amazing software for music production, you’ll need a laptop with a lot of features and the capacity to process information quickly.

Fl Studio Laptops Requirements – Considerations for buying a laptop for fl studio

Do I really need special requirements?

Yes! FL Studio machine needs good specifications to run smoothly.

This is because it’s a very CPU and RAM-intensive program.

If your laptop doesn’t have enough of either, you will experience lag and stuttering when using it.

The good news is that most laptops on the market today meet the minimum requirements for FL Studio music production software.

Here are the specs you need to look out for:

Laptop Requirements For FL Studio

Central processing unit (CPU)

For FL Studio projects, it is best that your machine has an Intel Core I processor as they are the most compatible with this music production app.

However, if you have another make of computer, don’t worry! The program works on computers running AMD processors as well.

FL Studio requires at least a 2GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU to run smoothly.

CPU For FL Studio Laptop

When it comes to AMD processors, the Athlon is a great choice. You can go for a quad-core processor or dual-core processor instead of hunting for a Pentium 4. A quad-core processor is also required by AMD.

RAM (Random access memory)

RAM size is important because high bandwidth ram means you can run bigger and more complex projects with FL Studio without issues.

We recommend at least 8GB of memory for your machine, although the ideal would be double that (16GB) (more if possible).

Storage (ssd)

Fortunately, this music production program is just about 1GB in size and does not take up a lot of space.

However, you’ll need a lot of storage for audio projects. So, for that, you’ll need at least 500GB of storage, which is rather inexpensive these days.

However, if you want to handle your data quickly and efficiently, you may choose an SSD hard drive, which takes up less space and helps the laptop boot faster.

Graphics Card

Graphics Card For FL Studio

The standard integrated graphics cards that come with most laptops today are good enough to use FL Studio without problems.

You should opt for an Intel iris xe graphics card or any graphics card from Nvidia if you are on a limited budget.

It’s better to get a laptop with Nvidia Geforce RTX or GTX GPU if you want to run FL Studio smoothly.

However, if you plan on using it for things like video editing as well then having an extra dedicated GPU will be beneficial in speeding up your work.

Operating System (os)

FL Studio works well with older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, and Windows 8.1 as well as the latest (Windows 10). As a result, FL Studio will work smoothly on any Windows operating system.

If you have a MacBook, you may download and use the native software right away.

Sound Card

Sound Card For FL Studio Laptop

The sound card is undeniably one of the most important elements.

A direct sound driver that is compatible with the sound card is required to get the most out of FL studio.

Additionally, ensure that the sound card supports ASIO drivers for direct connection to audio equipment.


The user interface has a lot to do with the FL studio.

You definitely want to see it; you can see all of your information on the display.

When using a 15-inch monitor, this is doable.

You do, after all, have 13-inch and 17-inch displays.

There is no need to go too little or too big.

You’ll need the right size to fit both your needs and your bag.

Laptop Display For FL Studio

A 17-inch laptop is recommended if you operate a studio or are a professional musician whose career is based on music production.

Laptops now have high-definition displays.

Battery Life

Because FL Studio software consumes more power, you’ll need a battery that can keep up.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s battery life might be deceiving.

The amount of time spent working varies.

However, we recommend 3-6 hours of battery life.


If you plan on using FL Studio with an external device like a MIDI controller or audio interface,

you should look for a laptop with at least 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


For FL Studio users to interact with the software and other devices, they need a variety of ports.

For MIDI controllers and audio interfaces, FL Studio relies heavily on USB ports.

External monitors and hard drives can also be connected to Thunderbolt ports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best laptops for FL Studio?

A wide range of laptops is capable of running FL Studio smoothly. This list includes a few. Any of the choices listed above can be selected.

Are Pros using FL Studio?

Of course, FL studio is used by many artists and professional vocalists. They include artists like Madeon, Feed Me, Porter Robinson, Savant, and others.

Is FL Studio compatible with my laptop?

Yes, your laptop can run FL studio unless it has 8GB of RAM and is powered by an i5 or i7 CPU.

What is the difference between a FL studio and a music production studio?

Music creation used to be laborious and expensive before the arrival of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Things have become easier with DAWs like FL studio. FL Studio is a free music creation, testing, and downloading application.

Is an HP laptop appropriate for FL Studio?

This is one of the best laptops for FL Studio, thanks to its quad-speaker setup. HP audio boost technology boosts the sound of the Bang and Olufsen speakers even more.

Is FL Studio good for mixing?

Its user-friendly design has made it the first choice for most people who want to get into music creation. When it comes to mixing vocals, FL Studio provides all of the essential tools to allow any music producer with a basic understanding of the software for composing music, mixing, and mastering songs.

Is Ryzen 5 good for FL Studio?

If you want to master FL Studio for music creation, the AMD Ryzen 5 is sufficient. When you become a professional, though, you must always improve your gadget. This laptop also comes with an impressive 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD disc. For this laptop, this RAM and SSD combo is adequate.

How much RAM is required in the best laptops for fl studio?

8GB RAM is more than plenty for an entry-level or even mid-level professional. If you’re largely into EDM processing, rendering, and beat slicing, 8GB should be plenty. If you’re a top-tier pro who makes music by combining samples and synthesizers, 16GB is a good starting point.

Final Thought

Many laptops with the latest hardware and high specifications are available on the market,

but they are tailored to meet the demands of various customers.

We’ve picked and gathered all models that are best for FL Studio version 20 or older for your convenience.

Now you may select from the best laptops for FL Studio on the list above.

The Fl studio software can be run on these systems.

These laptops were chosen based on specifications, features, consumer reviews, music expert reviews, and information found on the internet.

This comprehensive list will assist you if you are a musician trying to create the greatest music that stands out from the crowd.

So go ahead and choose the best one from our list for yourself.

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