You get a standard design as with a budget headphone. The buds are nice and comfortable. The housing is made of metal which makes it pretty durable in case of a fall.

The dynamic driver is of 9 mm. You get a  neodymium magnet which is costlier than the standard magnet used in most of the cheap headphones.

The wire quality is pretty durable and thicker than the Senheiser cx 180 which is priced at approx 800 rupees. The wire quality is best in this price point.

The 3.5mm jack is straight which is standard design for most of the headphones even though some of you might prefer a L type jack but that’s on personal preference.

You get an inbuilt mic with one button to control your music and accept or reject calls. Isn’t that nice?

Sound clarity :

Low: The bass is superb! That is a good news for the Bass lovers who listen to music at full volume. Its even better than the more pricier Senheiser cx 180.

Bass: 8/10

Mid: The mids are pretty decent although it is nothing fantastic that you would love about this headphone. It is at par with other headphones in that price range.

Mid: 7/10

High : Treble is pretty weak which makes it pretty unbalanced even though it is a bass oriented headphone but music is not all about bass. Due to high bass the trebles are not audible and the quality is also not that great if compared to the Senheiser cx 180 which has a pretty balanced sound.



Flipkart smartbuy is priced around 300 rupees which makes it a steal deal if you want a headphone and you don’t want to spend high.

The wire quality is better, inbuilt mic with a single button, Good bass all of which makes it a Value for Money headphone.

Click the image to buy :

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