How To Charge Your Chromebook Without A Charger In 2024?

How To Charge Your Chromebook Without A Charger?

There is no guarantee of charging your phone or laptop when you leave.

If you need a backup charger for your Chromebook or a spare battery to power it up without any spare battery.

It is recommended that you purchase a USB Type-C cable for your Chromebook as soon as possible.

Plugging a Type-C chord into a wall outlet, a car charger, or a power bank or smartphone will charge the device.

We would go so far as to say that it is the most convenient option if you do not have your original charger.  

Let us take a look at what you can do on a Chromebook or find out another way to make it recharge without a universal charger at all times. For more Chromebook chargers or Chromebook USB C port

Many people are unable to charge their Chromebooks because they do not have a charger.

Luckily, most Chromebooks will charge using any charging with a micro-B or USB Type-C connector on one end.

You just need to deliver power charging plug power adapter that output enough wattage for your specific model of Chromebook.

Attention: You must use an official Chromebook universal charger in order to avoid damaging most devices.

Here is a list of Chromebooks and the minimum voltage specifications required to power them:

  • Acer C720 – 15 watts
  • Acer C710 – 15 watts
  • Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 – 19 volts @ 1.7 amps or 60 watts
  • HP Pavilion Chromebook – 19 volts @ 3.42 amps or 65 watts

How Do I Charge My Chromebook Without Charging it?

We will explain five different ways of charging my new Chromebook in an easy-to-use USB charging port.

The ideal permanent solution of charging your Chromebooks would be to use a cord of type C. You can hook it up to a battery outlet or a phone portable charger as a power cord or a smartphone.

Here’s how one can power up a Chromebook for that matter.

Steps For How To Charge Your Chromebook Without A Charger

  • Plug one end of your micro or usb type c port cable into your Chromebook.
  • Then, plug the other end of the cable into a USB power universal plug adapter.
  • Finally, plug a standard wall outlet and a power source into the USB power adapter.
charge the chromebook without charger

Your Chromebook will now begin charging. If your Chromebook has a full battery, it will automatically switch to using the USB charger’s power instead of its own battery.

You cannot leave your Chromebook plugged in all night without any consequences.

The USB port uses only 5 watts while your device is in use and 15 watts when it is asleep.

This process may take hours to complete.

However, keep in mind that the standard wall outlet provides only 1.5 amps of current and your Chromebook can charge at a rate of 2 amps, so you should finish charging sooner than you think!

However, if this method does not work for some reason, do not worry!

There are other ways to charge your Chromebook without a portable Chromebook universal charger but they may take longer than the first method.

For example, you can also use a laptop or any other computer that has a USB C port and plug your micro-B cable into the computer.

However, this will not be as efficient because it uses less power when plugged into the computer.

If you are still unable to charge your Chromebook without a universal charger, there are always ways to borrow one from another person or place around your house.

You can also consider buying an external battery that uses USB for power if you wish to charge on the go!

Always remember that it is important that your Chromebook is charged in case of an emergency. It is always good to be prepared!

Are Chromebook Chargers Universal?

This is a question that many people have, and the answer is unfortunately no.

Chromebook universal charger are not universal, and they will not work with devices from other manufacturers.

This can be frustrating for people who own multiple devices, as they may need to carry multiple universal charger with them when traveling.

One of the benefits of Chromebooks is that they allow users to work online without having to worry about viruses and malware.

Laptop charger are designed specifically for this laptop, so using a charger from another device can cause damage or malfunctions with the laptop.

As of right now, there is not currently any universal charger of Chromebook available on the market.

At this time, it is important for people who own Chromebooks to be aware of the specific charger that is needed for their device.

While there are some third-party universal charger available, it is always best to stick with the original charger in order to avoid any potential problems.

Chargers from other devices may not have the same safety features as Chromebook chargers, and could potentially damage the device.

For people who frequently travel, it is important to have a backup charger on hand in case the original one is lost or damaged.

There are a few different options for Chromebook chargers available, and it is important to find the one that best suits your needs.

Some chargers are small and lightweight, making them perfect for carrying around with you. Others offer a high level of power, making them perfect for charging the device quickly.

Replacing your Chromebook charger

Choosing a cheaper alternative will never harm your battery and ports long term. The ultimate solution is to buy an original charger.

The solutions presented will only be appropriate for urgent situations. Find a fast and effective and suitable temporary replacement charging port for a Chromebook on Amazon.

Use a power bank

There are many high-end Powerbanks specially designed for laptops and Chromebooks.

When looking at a power pack that can be used on laptops, make sure it’s specifically compatible with your Chromebook.

A Crave 5000mAh Power Bank provides battery and motor power of 2500mAh each supplying 4900 and 7100mAh to an electric power plant.

The 25000mAh current battery power bank from Krisdonia provides an economical and lightweight replacement for a battery-backed MacBook Pro-based 25000.

The best Chromebook has a battery charger capacity of 5,140 mAh so look for a higher power bank with a higher capacity than a 500,000mAh battery.

Use a USB Type-C charging cable with a plug adapter

charge chromebook

All Chromebooks have a USB type c port. Some Chromebooks even use this port as their charger.

Most laptop users prefer type C cable as the port is fast in transmitting files and charging rates.

If you have Google Chromebook that has a port with a type C you can get it with a USB connection from Google.

Make sure that the Power Adaptor Type C complies with the power source of your laptop. Please follow these steps to purchase a USB charger for my Chromebook.

AC/DC car charger

Some laptops have an AC/DC vehicle charger. You can plug in your charger in your battery and then directly into your laptop charger.

There are a number of different model laptops available online according to the brand and model.

You will have no trouble finding AC mobile chargers and USB cords for Acer Chromebooks and HP Chromebooks. Make sure your right one!

Use A Car Charger

Car electrical powers are available to you so you can use their battery instead of the main power source on your vehicle.

Using your car or on your laptop battery, you may have a Chromebook on battery. Keep the car driving while you take an easy charge. You need to keep the laptop driving until it turns off.

Type C Car Charger

USB-C cables provide many practical benefits. This is possible with your Type-C car charger connected directly to the power port of your Chromebook device.

Some USB chargers come with an integrated Type C chord you can also get Type C chargers separately if you already have a USB C chord.

Diagnose Your Chromebook Battery And Charger


Before searching for an alternative charging solution, check your battery and charging. Find it out which type of problem you have w?

Before searching for an alternative charging solution,

Check your battery and charging cable. Find it out which type of problem you have.

How Many Ways Can You Charge A Chromebook?

Detachable Vs Fixed Cables

The main distinction is between Chromebooks with detachable cables and those with fixed cables.

Detachable cables are more versatile since you can detach them from the laptop charger. But you have to keep track of the cable.

Some Chromebooks with detachable cables use proprietary chargers, so you can’t use the cable with other devices.

Detachable cables are also less safe since you risk tearing off the connector.

Fixed cables are more rugged and safer to use, but they limit your options for charging your Chromebook away from home.

Many people have laptops with fixed cables. If you’re used to detachable cables, it’s annoying to be stuck with a low battery and no cable in sight.

Battery Charging

Some Chromebooks use regular external chargers, but some can charge from USB or any other device that provides power (like your laptop).

The only catch is that your computer must support USB charging.

Some Chromebooks can even charge from other Chromebooks, so you don’t have to carry your charger everywhere.

USB Ports Are Getting More Powerful

More and more devices are using USB chargers, so an increasing number of computers provide enough power over the USB C port to recharge a Chromebook.

This is particularly true for recent models from major manufacturers.

USB ports have been standard on desktop computers for years, but laptops often don’t provide enough power over the port to charge other devices like mobile phones or tablets.

An interesting consequence of this is that you can charge your Chromebook at work with your phone charger.

I’ve done this many times; it’s not hard once you realize your phone charger is enough.

USB Charging On ChromeOS

This raises the question of how to enable USB charging while your Chromebook is running. That’s not possible on some older Chromebooks,

But it has been supported since Chrome 37 (September 2014).

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t very useful because the system doesn’t tell you whether a given port is capable of charging the Chromebook.

Some Chromebooks have an undocumented option to force USB charging , even when the system thinks it’s not possible.

This works on some models, but it doesn’t always work so you can’t rely on it.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Check the battery for bulges or leaks. If you find any, replace it right away to avoid damaging your Chromebook.

It is recommended that you have a spare battery on hand just in case this happens while you are charging your Chromebook without a charger. Bulged or leaking cells can cause fire or injury.

2. Check the charging cable for damage. If you see some, make sure it is not frayed or broken in any way.

Replace it if it is otherwise replaceable by buying one at your local computer store or get a new Chromebook altogether.

3. Make sure that the power supply you are using has enough wattage for your device. If you have not measured it before,

4. You can also try using a different power supply, just in case the one you are using isn’t working for some reason.

This process will take longer because you have to charge your Chromebook without a charger, but it is faster than waiting around for hours!


Check out your Chromebook’s battery life by clicking the Time button on the bottom right of your display.

It gives you an indication of how many minutes the battery can remain in storage till it dies.

how much battery life do you need?


Check if your original charger broke. Sometimes you don’t have to build it correctly.

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Prioritize Getting the original charger


You can check the time left in your browser’s memory by selecting the Status tab in top-right.

When you finish doing so an estimated time in combination with the battery will appear beside the day.

We hope these alternatives will allow you to survive in difficult situations.

Don t forget to order the replacement charging cable so that there is no damage to the battery on Google Chromebooks.

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Low power method

If necessary you can use your smartphone to recharge your Chromebook. Your usb type c port must accept power.

It’s not an amazing solution but maybe it’s the best option in the meantime.

Your phone has an even smaller battery that matches your Chromebook and your phone will run out of battery faster than that of the Chromebook.

The same limitations apply, so there’s a trickle charge that carries a small volume of power only. The Chromebooks have a lower battery than your phone.

It drains faster than your phone. The best way for Chromebook to charge is a phone connected via USB cable.

HOw To Charge Chromebook With Phone Charger?

how to charge chromebook without charger with phone

If your Chromebook doesn’t have a charging cable, you can use a phone charger to power it up. Most phone chargers output 5 volts and 1 amp of power, which is enough to charge most Chromebooks.

To use a phone charger to charge your Chromebook, connect the phone charger to your Chromebook using a USB cable. Then, connect the other end of the USB cable to a power outlet. The Chromebook will start charging automatically.

Charge Chromebook Using USB Type-C Cable

If your connected device has USB-C ports you be able to charge the Chromebook with these ports. There are some caveats.

If you want to use a Chromebook when it charges, you are going to need a charger that supports USB PD(USB power delivery).

If your power setting doesn’t include this alternative charging via USB type-C requires.

You will need a charger with USB PD to charge the Android device with this option: but you can use the USB Type C port instead of USB to charge a device that does.

Final Thoughts On How To Charge Your Chromebook Without A Charger?

Chromebooks are great for people who have limited space because they do not need much to function.

However, many of us cannot live without our laptops and smartphones.

If you rely on your laptop or phone as a primary source of entertainment, work, or communication; it can be frustrating when the battery dies unexpectedly.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, we recommend investing in an additional charger so you’re ready to go no matter what situation arises


How to charge a Chromebook without a charger if it’s dead?

If your Chromebook is dead battery and you don’t have the original charger, there are a few things you can try. One option is to use a power bank to charge the device. A power bank is a battery that can be used to charge smartphones and other devices. Another option is to use a computer or laptop to charge the Chromebook. To do this, open the Chromebook and look for a similar charger that plugs into a USB C port on your computer. This should charge the device quickly.

How to charge a google Chromebook without a charger?

If you don’t have the original charger for your Chromebook, there are a few other ways to charge it. One option is to use a power bank, which is a battery that can be used to charge smartphones and other devices. Another option is to use a computer or laptop to charge the Chromebook. To do this, open the Chromebook and look for a similar charger that plugs into a USB port on your computer. This should charge the device quickly

Is there a way to charge your Chromebook without a charger?

As long as you have a USB Type-C cable and a device that outputs 5V (nine volts for 60W charging), your Chromebook will be able to receive power from it. The easiest way to do this is to plug the power bank into a wall outlet and connect it with your Chromebook.

Can you charge a Chromebook with a phone charger?

If you have a USB Type-C cable and can find a device that outputs 5V (nine volts for 60W charging), your Chromebook will be able to receive power from it. The easiest way to do this is to plug the power bank into a wall outlet and connect it with your Chromebook.

How do I charge my Chromebook with a USB?

You have to have a USB Type-C cable and an external power source that outputs 5V. If you have only one of the two, it may not charge your Chromebook at all or will be very slow.

How to charge a Chromebook with an iPhone charger?

If you want to charge your Chromebook with an iPhone charger, you’ll need to use a USB cable. The iPhone charger has a USB port on it, so you can use the USB cable to connect the Chromebook and the iPhone charger. Once the devices are connected, the Chromebook will start charging.

Why won t my Chromebook charge?

Ensure that the charger or plug adapter cables are fully plugged into the wall as well as your Chromebook. Verify that the power outlet is operational. Take your Chromebook and charger off the wall. Reconnect your charger to your Chromebook, then plug it into the wall.


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