Instagram Now Lets You Customize Text, Color For Link Stickers In Stories

Instagram Now Lets You Customize Text, Color For Link Stickers In Stories

Instagram’s Link Sticker function, which allows users to post links to their Instagram stories, was just added.

However, as handy as the functionality was, the text itself could not be customised,

It made the links stand out from other parts in stories where the user could customise the text, graphics, and backdrop to their liking.

Instagram has recently fixed this by making the Link Sticker tool available with custom text and color options.

As the name implies, this feature allows users to customize the wording in their Link Sticker URL.

Instagram Link Stickers is the app’s replacement for the famous “swipe-up” stories feature,

It enabled users and pages to include links in their stories that viewers could access by just swiping up on the storey.

Users may now add link stickers to their stories in the same way they do standard stickers.

The user may then put any URL they want inside the sticker.

This makes it much easier for viewers to follow the link by just clicking on the storey,

As opposed to the prior swipe-up approach. In October of this year, the functionality was made available to all Instagram users.

Step 1: Start by capturing or uploading content to your Instagram Story.

Step 2: From the top navigation bar, select the sticker tool.

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Link” sticker to add the link you want. After that, you must hit the “Done” button one again.

Step 4: You may put the sticker anywhere on your Story and customise it by tapping on it.

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