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iOS 15.2 Displays a Service History of your iPhone’s Repaired Parts!

iOS 15.2 Displays a Service History of your iPhone’s Repaired Parts!

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With iOS 15.2, Apple provides iPhone owners with much more information on their devices’ repaired parts.

There’s a new section in Settings -> General -> About that describes the current device’s Parts and Service History, including whether the parts are identified as genuine Apple parts, links to the date of the service at Apple, or if the part is unknown and not recognized as an Apple-official component.

These alerts would only inform users of the existence of unknown parts prior to iOS 15.2.

If something within the iPhone has been replaced, the Parts and Service History section will surface; otherwise, it will be hidden.

Genuine Apple components will provide web connections to service information, including the specific day and time.

A caution indication will be shown next to an unknown part.

If the part isn’t genuine, has previously been used in another iPhone, or isn’t working properly, the Unknown part notice will show.

According to Apple, these alerts are merely for informative purposes, and the existence of unknown parts does not prevent your device from functioning.

(Of course, when it comes to your iPhone, you should only use authentic Apple-approved components.)

Settings can detect the state of several components depending on your iPhone model.

Only battery component information will be accessible for iPhones XR, XS, and later.

Both battery and display repair information is reported on iPhone 11 devices.

The battery, display, and camera information are reported on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

A frequent con is for a malevolent repair company to promote original Apple parts repair while secretly utilizing aftermarket components to save money.

Customers who have their iPhones replaced at illegal locations can utilize the Settings screen to check that the repair was completed as promised.

Similarly, if you’re buying a used phone, you may utilize this screen to quickly verify that the phone is in the same condition as promised.

This screen might possibly be in preparation for Apple’s upcoming Self-Service Repair program, which will open up a far bigger distribution channel for the sale and resale of authentic Apple components next year.

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