Lost Your Laptop? Here’s How To Find It With Tile Tracking

It’s aggravating to misplace a laptop, but if it has Tile tracking built in, there’s a decent chance you’ll find it again.

Work data, passwords, personal images, and more are all at risk, therefore recovering a computer as quickly as feasible is critical.

Although the growing number of people working from home makes it less likely that a laptop would be misplaced,

It can still happen, and misplacing a laptop within a house or workplace can be frustrating.

Tile makes a number of beacons, the most famous of which is the keychain finder.

A Tile tracker can, of course, be fastened to a variety of things or tucked inside a backpack or case using the ring. Tile Slim, for example, is one of the new form factors.

Tile just revealed that Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 laptops will incorporate Tile-based tracking capabilities. Tile beacons are also incorporated into certain Hewlett Packard Elitebook and ZBook Firefly series notebooks.

This is part of Tile’s Intel relationship, which started in the middle of 2020 and will most likely continue to be a growing trend among higher-end laptops.

Tracking must be activated before it may be utilised by anyone with a Tile compliant laptop.

The Tile app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and set up in minutes by following the on-screen directions.

To locate a misplaced laptop, the Tile mobile app must be installed on a phone or tablet, and it must be signed in.

Last year, Tile teamed with Intel to make it easier for manufacturers to integrate Tile tracking technology into laptops, and Lenovo now supports the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10,

ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7, and ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 2 models. HP started earlier and includes support for the HP Elitebook 1000 Series:

Elite Dragonfly, x360 1040; x360 1030, HP Elitebook 800 G8 Series: 830, x360 830, 840, 850, and HP ZBook Firefly G8 Series: 14, 15, and HP ZBook Firefly G8 Series: 14, 15.

It’s also feasible to add support by simply attaching a Tile tracker to a laptop. These laptops may also be used to locate other Tile devices, such as missing keys, backpacks, or a phone running the Tile app.

When a user opens the Tile app to look for a missing Tile tracker or compatible laptop, any devices that have been activated on the Tile account should appear.

A green circle shows that the gadget is in Bluetooth range, while a grey circle indicates that it is not. When you tap a green circled item, a Find option appears, which will play a sound on the missing gadget to assist you find it.

When you tap a grey circled item, you’ll see its last known location on a map, which is updated every time the laptop (or other device) with the Tile app installed passes within Bluetooth range.

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