M1 Max ProRes Exports Three Times Quicker than the 2019 Mac Pro

M1 Max ProRes Exports Three Times Quicker than the 2019 Mac Pro

The high-end 2021 MacBook Pro is three times quicker than the 2019 Mac Pro in M1 Max ProRes benchmark testing on ProRes video outputs…

According to Macworld, even if you add the $2,000 Afterburner card to the Mac Pro, the M1 Max MacBook Pro is still twice as fast.

The 28-core Intel Xeon W CPU, together with the Afterburner card to speed ProRes playing and decoding, is required to provide the greatest level of ProRes performance on the 2019 Mac Pro.

With extensive color grading, two powerful GPUs can only assist. Of course, all of this comes at a very expensive price.

The M1 Max in the MacBook Pro has two ProRes encoders and decoders, which outperforms the single decoder in the Afterburner card in the MacPro.

Apple takes its ProRes performance very seriously, as seen by the benchmarks.

It single-handedly outperformed the top-spec 2019 Mac Pro thanks to M1 Max’s decoders and encoders.

Not only that, but it will considerably increase multi-stream 8K multimedia playing performance.

Color grading improves as well, with Final Cut Pro’s noise reduction and stabilization being quick.

Previously, this was the domain of high-end workstations or Mac Pros with high-end GPUs, but the ProRes implementation leveled the playing field and substantially reduced the barrier of entry.

The benchmark test on the site demonstrates how long it takes to convert a five-minute ProRes Raw video clip to ProRes 422 HQ:

  • 233 seconds on a 2019 Mac Pro
  • 153 seconds on a 2019 Mac Pro with an Afterburner card
  • 76 seconds on a 2021 MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip

The ability to shoot ProRes on an iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max, according to Thiago Trevisan of the site, is presently a novelty, but it will become more essential with time.

For the time being, it’s more of a novelty feature, albeit it may be useful as a situational tool for a pro.

As future phones’ storage capacity increases, expect even casual users to use this feature more regularly.

However, don’t part with your Red or Arri cameras just yet!

It follows the M1 Max MacBook Pro’s similarly remarkable Lightroom testing against the previous high-end Intel model.

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