Xiaomi has unveiled the latest fitness band in the MI Band series . It is the most awaited fitness band under the $40(Approx 2500) . It is unveiled in China so you have to buy it from Aliexpress if you need one urgently. There is a pre sale order going on in Aliexpress


The design is similar to what you get in the MI Band 3 with a little bit of touch from MI Band 2. You do get a little bit of hump just like the MI Band 3 but not so much intrusive. I guess Xiaomi\n has listened to the feedbacks and complaints from the user when the MI Band 3 was launched.

The back design remains the same as it was on the MI Band 2 and the MI Band 3 with a heart sensor at the back and 2 pins for charging.


The display is where Xiaomi has hit the ball out of the park. You get a 0.95 inch colored AMOLED display as seen on Honor Band 4 . Superb.!

The resolution is 120 x 240 pixel which is greater than the MI Band 3 which has 80 x 128 pixels.

It makes us easier to see a colored display with a high resolution display and high lumens.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is priced in China at CNY 169 (approx Rs. 1,700)-standard, CNY 229 (roughly Rs. 2,300) – NFC , CNY 349 (roughly Rs. 3,500)– Avengers Limited Edition . You can order it from 16th of June in China. However, Xiaomi is yet to reveal the global variant of the Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was launched in China back in May last year with the same starting price of CNY 169.

The Mi Band 3 launched in India in September at Rs. 1,999.


At this price you get a 0.95 inch colored AMOLED display with 120 x 240 pixels . You also get 77 watch faces to choose from which is brilliant . Who doesn’t want options to choose and flaunt in front of friends .

You also get an option to control MUSIC from this fitness band . This is a segment as no fitness band offers this feature at this price point.This is quite useful if you use a headphone which doesn’t have options to control music.

There is also a mic in this fitness band which will help you to use voice commands on your phone.

You don’t get a speaker and therefore you cannot receive calls via this band. But it is nice to have a mic nonetheless.

BATTERY: It boasts a good 135mAh battery which is capable enough for a 20 day battery usage as claimed by the company. This is better if compared with the Honor Band 4 which lasts up to 2 weeks.

You get a six axis sensor for tracking movements on the go. This is helpful for accurate tracking of your movements It can track movments such as different styles of swimming and running activities like treadmill, running etc.

You also get weather and stock updates . There is also a payment option using the QR code . For now the payment option is only through Alibaba’s Alipay option.

Should you buy one:

Yes absolutely. Why wouldn’t you buy the best fitness band available under 2.5k mark. It is better than the previous generation MI Band 3 and also better than the Honor Band 4. Considering that these two are the only competitors and best selling in this department, MI Band 4 should be your first choice now when it will launch in India and other parts of the country.

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