New Electric Motorbike Gets Revolutionary Ultracapacitor Technology

An all-new electric motorcycle has been introduced, boasting a 186-mile range thanks to a “revolutionary electric powertrain,” according to its creators.

The Racer is a zero-emissions bike concept created by Nawa Technologies.

It’s a hybrid battery system with a normal lithium ion battery and a nano-based ultracapacitor.

According to its creators, this new powertrain allows for more electricity storage, allowing the Racer to drive up to 186 miles between charges.

“The Nawa Racer is our concept for the electric motorcycle of the future,” stated Pascal Boulanger, the company’s founder.

“It’s light, swift, and enjoyable — ideal for a pollution-free city commute that puts a grin on your face.”

It also sets down a template for the future with its unique electric powertrain, which combines Nawa’s ultracapacitors with lithium ion.”

Nawa’s combination of a battery pack and an ultracapacitor, according to Boulanger, opens up new options for electric powertrains,

It enabling for smaller lithium ion batteries to be employed due to the ultracapacitor’s larger energy storage capacity.

The technology company believes the hybrid-battery system may be scaled up and employed in electric vehicles.

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