On Android and iOS devices, Google Chat in Gmail now allows you to make instant 1:1 audio and video calls.

On Android and iOS devices, Google Chat in Gmail now allows you to make instant 1:1 audio and video calls.

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Google Chat in Gmail now allows you to make 1:1 audio and video chats, according to a blog post.

The business has made the upgrade available just to mobile customers on Android and iOS devices, and it is limited to 1:1 talks only.

This means you’ll only be able to make voice and video calls with certain persons from your chat list.

In Gmail’s chat roster, you’ll also notice missed calls and data on current calls.

Users who have enabled Google Chat in Gmail will now see the phone and video symbols in the top-right corner of a 1:1 chat as a consequence of the upgrade, which was first announced in September.

You can make an audio or video call by tapping on either of these symbols, depending on your preference.

A blue banner will display at the top of the screen in Gmail to alert you to an ongoing call.

It will include the caller’s name as well as the duration of the call.

In the conversation and chat roster, Gmail will display a red phone or video symbol to signify missed calls.

All users with personal Google accounts, as well as Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers will be able to access the improved calling experience.

To make and receive calls, both the caller and the receiver must be using the most recent version of Gmail.

“As some teams return to the office while others remain scattered,” Google wrote in a blog post, “we hope this makes it simpler to interact with your colleagues in the hybrid work environment.” “When you need to cooperate or move your work ahead, this tool will allow you to smoothly go from chat to a video or audio conversation.”

The Gmail calling change happens to coincide with Google’s move from Hangouts to Google Chats.

While the change was primarily intended for Google Workspace users, it is progressively becoming available to all users as the Hangouts service is being phased down.

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