On January 4th, 2022, AMD and Intel will have their CES 2022 Press Conferences: What to Expect!

On January 4th, 2022, AMD and Intel will have their CES 2022 Press Conferences: What to Expect!

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AMD and Intel have both stated that their CES 2022 presentations would be held on the same day.

The conferences will be held on January 4th, 2022, and will feature a slew of announcements on next-generation technology and goods.

Intel and AMD will hold press conferences at CES 2022 on the same day.

At CES 2022, all three titans, AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, will have their own conferences.

While NVIDIA has yet to announce a specific day or time, AMD and Intel have stated that their conferences will be held on the same day, just a few hours apart.

The following are the keynotes’ timings and dates:

  • AMD – January 4th – 08:00 PST (17:00 GMT)
  • Intel – January 4th – 10:00 PST (18:00 GMT)

On the 4th of January at 08:00 PST (17:00 GMT), AMD will give their CES 2022 press conference, followed by Intel’s keynote at 10:00 PST (18:00 GMT).

Both keynotes will be live-streamed, and while CES 2022 will not be totally virtual, due to the Omicron variant epidemic, the bulk of the press will watch it virtually.

In terms of what to expect, each manufacturer will present its unique set of items.

What to Expect From AMD at CES 2022?

The next-generation Ryzen CPU/APU family for mainstream and high-performance laptops is expected to be showcased at AMD’s CES 2022 presentation.

Rembrandt will be the name of the new series, which will power Ryzen 6000H and Ryzen 6000U laptops, as well as Zen 3 and RDNA 2 architectures.

Apart from that, AMD may reveal additional information about its future Zen 3D V-Cache ‘Vermeer-X’ CPUs, which are set to ship in Q1 2022.

Moving on to GPUs, AMD is expected to show off additional entry-level RDNA 2 designs based on the Navi 24 architecture, as well as an updated roadmap to help us understand where Navi and AMD’s GPU business are headed next in 2022.

What to Expect at Intel CES 2022?

Intel is intending to exercise its muscles even more on the laptop side of things after a significant return in the desktop arena.

Both high-end Alder Lake-P and entry-level Alder Lake-M systems will be on exhibit at CES 2022, with Alder Lake mobility CPUs likely to be released in a variety of designs.

In addition, Intel is scheduled to release its Non-K 12th Generation CPU SKUs for the desktop platform, as well as more popular 600-series chipsets like the B660 and H670.

Since Alder Lake laptops will come built with distinct Alchemist solutions, we are expected to learn more about them during the event.

Intel has remained quiet on its ARC Alchemist GPUs since Architecture Day 2021.

What to Expect at NVIDIA CES 2022?

While NVIDIA hasn’t confirmed its CES 2022 presentation date or time, we may anticipate some huge announcements, including the speculated RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3080 12 GB, RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB, and the flagship RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU, which will be included in Intel’s next-generation Alder Lake-P notebooks.

So all three behemoths have packed their bags for CES 2022, and we can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for us.

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