design and build quality:

The all new Samsung Galaxy M40 comes with a punch hole display as seen on Honor View 20, Samsung Galaxy Note S10 / S10+. This is quite a unique invention even though camera under the display is under development by Samsung as they are the leading manufacture of LCD and LED panels.

You can expect it to come with 6.3 inch full HD+ OLED display with the punch hole in the left side of the screen unlike Samsung Galaxy S10 /S10+ which has the punch hole in the right side of the screen. I felt it to be quite annoying.

The phone is set to launch today- 11th June,2019 . It is yet to get a hands on review, hence it will be difficult to comment on the build quality. Though Samsung has never compromised on build quality.


You will get a triple camera setup like most other smartphones in the market now. It is rumoured to get a 32MP Main camera, 8MP Ultrawide and a 5MP Telephoto camera. It is also leaked that the front camera will be a 16MP .

The camera shots are yet to come but the specifications looks promising as the front facing camera is 16MP which is capable of gathering enough details in a frame.

RAM and storage:

It is confirmed by DISHA PATANI that it will come with 6GB of RAM . The storage is yet to be revealed but the predicted storages are 64 and 128 GB.

A budget phone with 6GB of RAM is enough for day to day usage and even heavy games such as PUBG as of now. The limiting factor will be the chipset of this device which we will talk later.


It is confirmed that it will not be coming with the top of the line processor from Snapdragon/ Exynos . Instead you will get a 6 series chipset from Snapdragon specifically Snapdragon 675 chipset which is a rumour as of now.You get this chip in Samsung A70, Vivo V15 and Redmi Note 7 Pro. This is the newest processor in the 6 series lineup and uses the latest Cortex A76 architecture.

It comes with Adreno 612 GPU which is capable enough for light and medium games at high graphics and heavy games at medium graphics.


It is rumoured to come with a 3500 mAh battery instead of previous rumours of it having a 5000mAh . The battery is on the lower side if the rumours turns out to be true .


Samsung officials have confirmed that it will be priced around 19-20k mark . Personally that’s too expensive even though it comes with Snapdragon 675 . For that price you can get a Poco F1 or even lesser than that. Although the Poco F1 comes with a traditional notch unlike Samsung Galaxy M40 which comes with a newer punch hole display, the performance of Poco F1 is unbeatable by Samsung M40.

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