Sandbox Game Removed From Steam After Allegations Of Code Theft

Sandbox Game Removed From Steam After Allegations Of Code Theft

Myth of Empires, a recently launched game, has been removed from Steam after the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved accused the game’s designers of stealing source code.

According to PC Gamer, Ark’s developers (Studio Wildcard) and publishers (Snail Games) claim that Angela Game,

The makers of Myth of Empires, “was created in 2020 by at least one former employee of Studio Wildcard’s parent company, Snail Games China, who had access to the Ark source code.”

Employees at Studio Wildcard discovered “similar gameplay features, which [they] thought went beyond the chance of coincidence” when Myth of Empires was launched in October.

They also claim to have “discovered hundreds of matched class, variable, and function names in a preliminary examination,” implying that the Ark source code was utilized in Myth of Empires.

Regarding Myth of Empires’ recent delisting from Steam, as well as subsequent developments:

Steam received claims of possible copyright infringement about Myth of Empires a few days ago, and has temporarily disabled the game from its store in compliance with the DMCA and to protect itself from responsibility.

Angela Game completely controls all rights and property linked with Myth of Empires, and our development team will actively reply to any concerns or claims on this issue.

We’ve been in contact with Steam and are working hard to get the game back on their platform. We regret any difficulty this has given the gamers.

Simultaneously, we will continue to enhance Myth of Empires’ overall optimization while maintaining normal operations and development activity.

We are presently working on a huge number of content updates that will not be released owing to the current unusual circumstances,

But gamers who have purchased Myth of Empires may rest certain that we will deliver a better gaming experience to you.

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