Should we ditch the wireless earphones?

Should we ditch the wireless earphones?

The removal of the headphone jack by Apple in 2016 was widely panned. Back then, The Verge dubbed the update “user-hostile and foolish.”

According to the research, the headphone jack was an established norm that now had an influence on accessibility.

Fast forward to 2021, when AirPods are ubiquitous and, for the most part, the standard. And, like all fads, it’s fading in popularity.

What, however, will take the place of wireless earphones? Something classic, like a pair of wired headphones?

Fashion influencers like as Lily-Rose Depp, Bella Hadid, and Zoe Kravitz were among the first to embrace the antiquated technology as if it were a vintage shirt.

Celebrities’ resurgence of the fad is making it more acceptable for others to adopt. Putting aside the aesthetics, there are several practical reasons to return to wired headphones.

“Wireless earbuds undermine the aesthetic of listening to music,” according to a TikTok account titled @thedigifairy, a creative agency focused on young culture.

That is partially correct. It might be difficult to keep track of both pods and charge them when they run out of energy. Radiation is also a worry for certain people.

Are wireless earphones safe?

“My main worry with AirPods is that their positioning in the ear canal exposes head tissues to relatively high amounts of radio-frequency radiation,” he stated.

Experts disagree with the Food and Drug Administration’s current assessment that they are safe to use.

There’s even a petition pushing the United Nations and the World Health Organization to enhance wireless device standards and restrictions.

Around 250 scholars from more than 40 countries have signed the petition.

Though scientists feel it is difficult to avoid radiation because it is present in everything — our food, plants, plane travel, and even the sun, according to the research.

AirPods cost a pretty penny

According to Apple, the most basic second-generation model costs $129, the third-generation model costs $179, and the AirPods Max costs $549.

Apple’s corded headphones, on the other hand, cost only $19, and other manufacturers are even cheaper.

Instead of replacing a pair of pods when one stops working or is misplaced, users are opting for corded headphones.

Putting aside the practical considerations, AirPods have become a part of geeky corporate culture, according to The Wall Street Journal, whereas tethered ones are “a laissez-faire antithesis.”

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