Smartphone crucial to hybrid working, survey finds

Smartphone crucial to hybrid working, survey finds

According to new research, smartphones are playing a critical part in supporting a new hybrid work environment, with over 70% of Irish people relying on their smartphone for work and about a third admitting they needed them to be productive.

Given how many duties a smartphone has taken over in recent years, this may not come as a surprise to most people,

But Samsung Ireland’s research reveals that cellphones are playing an increasingly larger part in supporting work habits.

Almost a quarter of respondents indicated they use their mobile devices throughout the workday, with 13% admitting to being constantly on their phones.

This is especially true among the younger age groups. Sixty-six percent of “millennials” claim

They use their phones to conduct their jobs, with 26 percent indicating they check their phones “consistently.” Almost half of those polled indicated they’d be lost without their phones.

More than 1,000 respondents were polled in the survey, which was conducted on behalf of Samsung Ireland by Opinion Matters.

One of the more startling aspects of the survey, according to Paul Toland of Samsung Ireland, was the amount of smartphone adoption in the workplace.

He stated, “We are all reliant on our electronics.”

“However, in the last 18 months, we have become considerably more dependant on electronics, both personally and professionally. Since the pandemic, this has accelerated.”

He said that the barriers between personal and professional lives were blurring, citing the growing number of people who use their smartphones for work.

“It’s really high, and it’s unquestionably higher than it would have been pre-pandemic.”

Smartphones have become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, taking over chores like shopping, socialising, and banking.

Sixty percent said they needed technology to multitask efficiently, and 63 percent said they use their phones to watch or play games while watching TV.

Furthermore, 30% of 16-25 year olds admit to using their phones while at the movies, but only 13% would sneak a text during a baptism.

62% of people say they won’t leave the house without their smartphone.

More than 70% of consumers stated they wanted their phones to have a longer battery life, with 61% wanting a smashproof device and over 60% wanting a waterproof smartphone.

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