Tab 11 is Blackview’s Most Powerful Flagship Tablet!

Tab 11 is Blackview’s Most Powerful Flagship Tablet!

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From December 6th, Blackview is offering a limited number of opportunities to purchase Tab 11 for 169.99$ with a $20 voucher.

Blackview has been trying to improve its tablet series since the debut of the Blackview Tab 10 in June of this year.

As a result, the Blackview Tab 11, which has been in the works for a long time, has now made its debut.

The Tab 11’s arrival is highly anticipated since a senior officer of the Blackview R&D laboratory team stated that they tried 2,000 times to produce a tablet with a small body but a larger battery, and the Tab 11 appears to be the result of their efforts.

According to Blackview, the Tab 11 is a powerful flagship tablet that promises to deliver jaw-dropping work and entertainment experiences.

Is it, then, worthwhile to purchase? Continue reading to learn more.

Design with a 10.36″ Larger Screen and Straight Edges

The Tab 11 has a big 10.36-inch screen that provides an immersive viewing experience for watching movies or playing games, making users feel as though they are watching television.

The Tab 11 is equipped to display active visuals with brilliant colors and crisp clarity thanks to its 2K resolution and 360 nit screen brightness.

Inspired by minimalist aesthetics, Blackview designers built the Tab 11 with straight contour lines, giving it a slight resemblance to Apple’s recently released tablets.

Its aluminum chassis and matte finish emphasize the owners’ refined taste, allowing them to attract attention and compliments at work.

Furthermore, owing to Blackview’s continued efforts to make its tablet incredibly compact without losing a substantial battery, customers can now effortlessly tuck the 8.1mm slender Tab 11 into their school bag or handbag.

8MP + 13MP Sony Camera

On the camera front, the Sony IMX 219 is crammed into the front camera, allowing it to capture more details with ease.

Meanwhile, the back camera, which features a Sony IMX 258 sensor with 13 megapixels, challenges many high-end tablet cameras on the market, enhancing the agility to capture amazing moments and delivering photographs that best replicate what people see with naked eyes.

T618 Octa-core CPU, 128 GB ROM, with Unlimited Expandable Storage

Following the release of T616, Unisoc continues to improve the performance of its chipset by releasing T618, which is one of Union’s most prestigious chipsets.

T618 obtains a score of 21,000 on AnTuTu Benchmark (a testing tool for Android smartphones and tablets that helps assess device performance), beating Snapdragon 675, which only earns a score of 170980.

The Tab 11’s 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB eMMC 5.1 ROM, and infinite extendable storage give it additional capacity for “data-intensive” game programs and seamless video and photo capturing. With Tab 11, anyone who wants to be a creative content maker may begin their path.

Doke OS P 2.0 + Android 11.0 with Split View + Dual Themes

The tablet comes with Doke OS P 2.0, which is based on Android 11. System Manager, Cold Room, Game Mode, and Data Migration Assistant are among the customized programs available in Doke OS P 2.1 for Blackview phones.

Blackview has also updated eye-catching backgrounds and innovative icons, as well as giving two attractive themes to beautify tablet interfaces for more comfortable viewing.

Tab 11 also features a split view, which allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously, making multitasking simpler than ever.

L1 Widevine Certification

Still, settling with low-resolution videos?

With Google Widevine DRM L1 certification, the Tab 11 ensures higher resolution viewing clarity.

Users using the Tab 11 may watch 1080p movies, reality shows, and TV dramas on Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, and other services.

Other Features to Consider

Tab 11 is concerned with your ear’s comfort.

As a result, twin speakers are built into two sides of the tablet, each separately adjusted by skilled professionals to produce more balanced audio and immersive sound for each listener.

They’re great alternatives to the market’s expensive and unwieldy stereos.

When compared to its competitors, the Tab 11 is considered to have a more dulcet and powerful melody, making you hesitant to switch off the speakers.

Aside from that, Tab 11 has a 2-in-1 SIM card slot.

Dual SIM cards or one SIM card and one TF card may be used in the slot, allowing you to mix your business and personal phone numbers on one tablet.

With Tab 11, there’s no need to acquire two devices to divide work and personal life.

Teal Green’s Innovation Continues

The Tab 11’s designers created three exciting color options to offer additional splashes of colors and possibilities to users’ lives, with the Teal Green catching the most attention.

Each color option is accompanied by a case of complementary hues.

Availability and Price

With so much to offer, Blackview is now offering a limited number of opportunities to purchase the Tab 11 for 169.99$ with a $20 discount on their website from December 6th to 10th PT.

However, purchasers from Russia or Brazil may go to the Blackview website to acquire extra coupons at a price much lower than 169.99$.

The sooner you order the Tab 11, the better your chances of getting reduced pricing.

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