TECNO Premise Studio-Quality Photos With Innovative Imaging Technology

TECNO Premise Studio-Quality Photos With Innovative Imaging Technology

Tecno and Infinix, both owned by Transsion Holdings, are working hard to stay in the news.

Tecno is introducing a new breakthrough imaging technology today, while Infinix is promising to disrupt the industry with a 160W fast-charging smartphone.

Today, the Chinese company unveiled a new product as a result of its advances in imaging technology.

These revelations were made during the Counterpoint Technology Research webinar “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk.”

Users in critical areas such as Africa, India, and other countries will benefit from breakthroughs in dark complexion imaging.

Recent advancements and breakthroughs in light sensitivity, picture, and video stabilization have been discussed by Tecno.

Zoom and high-resolution technologies such as RGBW and G+P, Sensor-Shift, and Telescopic Lenses are also covered.

Some of these new technologies will be accessible in Tecno’s product selection in 2022, according to the company.

These innovations, according to TECNO, will transform a phone’s photography capabilities,

Allowing consumers to create studio-quality images and movies without having to be professional photographers.

TECNO aspires to be the first Android OEM to include a sensor-shift feature

Tecno has achieved great development in light sensitivity thanks to a self-developed RGBW sub-pixel rendering technique, according to Jimmy Hsu, Senior Product Manager of picture technology.

The amount of light recorded by the CMOS sensor is increased by 60%.

Light intake will be increased by 30% owing to G + P lens technology, he says.

It results in a 200 percent boost in total image quality and provides users with a breakthrough low-light imaging experience.

In 2022, Tecno aims to introduce its Sensor-Shift technology.

It will be the first Android handset manufacturer to do so.

For the uninitiated, Sensor-Shift is an image stabilization technology.

To compensate for vibrations, it uses sensor movements rather than lens movements.

He also claims that the control accuracy of Techno’s Sensor-Shift would improve by 350 percent.

Furthermore, it leaves room for future algorithm enhancements.

In addition, the business is working on a prototype phone with a telescopic lens that will be released in 2022.

The lens has benefits including lossless zoom and a higher aperture.

The “compressed rear focal length(BFL) design with motorised stretchy lenses would drastically lower the thickness of the phone,” according to the firm.

It will combine the desires of consumers for a simple design and great performance.”

At The Event, Samsung also Promised Revolutionary Changes

Apart from TECNO, DxOMARK, and Samsung were also represented at the webinar, including Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Research and Development.

He claims that Samsung’s Tetra and Nona technologies are close to allowing smartphone manufacturers to bring DSLR-quality photos to users’ handsets.

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