The Camon 18 Premier – A PRO device for a PRO lifestyle

The Camon 18 Premier – A PRO device for a PRO lifestyle

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to live without the most up-to-date smartphone, one with useful features and a fashionable look.

TECNO has released the Camon 18 series, which includes three gadgets at affordable pricing.

The Camon 18 Premier is the top-of-the-line gadget, featuring all the functionality

You’ll need to ditch your bulky camera in favour of a sleek smartphone.

Improve your photographic abilities.

Because your smartphone can’t shoot steady films or take good photographs, TECNO understands how difficult it is to carry a big professional camera with you everywhere.

Our new flagship phone has Gimbal Camera Technology, which ensures smooth and steady video.

This is useful for sharing TikToks with friends or vlogging with your family.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to shoot images from as far away as you like thanks to the incredible 60x Hyper Zoom function. A 64MP triple-rear camera and a 32MP front camera are included in the phone, allowing you to capture the perfect photo.

Binge-watch everything you want.

When you’re binge-watching your favourite show, how often do your eyes become tired? With its high-resolution quality,

The Camon 18 Premier’s 120Hz AMOLED Display not only provides the greatest results with stunning visuals, but also reduces strain.

It’s combined with a large 4750mAh battery that won’t run out, ensuring that you’ll be unstoppable.

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