The Intel Arc Alchemist Might Challenge the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for the Title of Best Entry-level GPU

The Intel Arc Alchemist Might Challenge the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for the Title of Best Entry-level GPU

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Another report about Intel’s Arc Alchemist entry-level graphics card has surfaced, this time citing the rough performance level we may expect from this entry-level solution.

The GPU will reportedly be called the Intel Arc A380 – presumably, the ‘A’ stands for Alchemist – and will have 6GB of VRAM and a clock speed of 2.45GHz, according to Twitter leaker Tum Apisak.

This is the entry-level model, with 128 EUs (Execution Units), and Tum Apisak claims it will perform on par with a GTX 1650 Super.

That approximately translates to an RX 590 on AMD’s side.

Although it isn’t stated explicitly, Intel’s lowest-end Alchemist graphics card is expected to have a 96-bit memory interface and a TDP of 75W.

We’ve heard that the pricing of this entry-level device will be roughly $179 (around £135, AU$250) and that it will include 6GB of video RAM and a clock speed of up to around 2.5GHz.

So far, these new tidbits have been very consistent with what has been shown.

For the Time Being, Ignore any Signs of Dissatisfaction!

At first look, the new Alchemist graphics card appears to be inferior to the GTX 1650 Super in terms of performance, but keep in mind that this is Intel’s most basic GPU.

Also, keep in mind that the GTX 1650 Super is still (roughly) adequate for 1080p gaming and that Intel’s rumored Arc A380 isn’t quite ready yet – it won’t be out until Q2 of 2022 in theory (mobile Alchemist cards will arrive first, early next year), and so there’s still some driver tweaking to be done for more speed.

The Arc A380 will also include something the GTX 1650 Super lacks: XeSS, Intel’s version on DLSS, which could assist to enhance frame rates without sacrificing visual quality (or so the theory goes).

In addition, the A380 will enable ray tracing and will be far more energy-efficient than the 1650 Super (75W vs 100W).

If the rumors regarding cost are true, and Intel responds, and the A380 improves a little with driver improvements as the launch date approaches, this may be a delectable choice capable of claiming the cheap GPU crown.

Indeed, given the present state of GPU supply shortages, the mere availability of another budget card will be a significant gain.

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