The iPhone 13 has a Higher Resale Value than the Pixel 6.

There was an expectation that Google’s 2021 flagship series would be a major contender to the iPhone before the debut of the Pixel 6, but one measure suggests that isn’t the case.

The Apple iPhone 13 series is keeping its worth better than the newest Pixels, according to SellCell, a mobile marketplace, and pricing comparison site.

The Pixel 6 range lost over 43 percent of its value within a month of the debut, according to data from more than 45 buyback sellers.

The iPhone 13 series, on the other hand, had depreciated by roughly 25% in its first month.

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 has started to recuperate its lost value, even the iPhone 13 tiny, which has been the least popular model.

One interesting finding is that the lowest-end Pixel 6 model lost around 37% of its value after one month on the market,

which is similar to the 35% loss experienced by the 512GB iPhone 13 mini after one month on the market,

suggesting that Google may have a better chance of crushing Apple in the lower-end flagship market.

SellCell isn’t confident that the Pixel 6 phones will follow the same path as the four iPhone 13 models,

which are currently worth more than they were two months ago, and whose depreciation may hit a plateau in the coming months at this rate.

That said, by the time the Pixel 6’s supply situation improves in 2022, anything could happen but for now,

iOS remains the better option for those who don’t stick with one handset for too long and trade in their devices frequently to upgrade to the latest phone,

and the Pixel 6 is just another Android phone that’s nowhere near the iPhone in terms of value retention.

Of course, the lower resale value doesn’t indicate the iPhone 13 is a superior phone; in fact, the Pixel 6 (together with the iPhone 13) is one of the finest smartphones of 2021,

and most people keep their phones for more than two years, so the value degradation shouldn’t be a reason for concern.

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