The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Leak Reveals the Phone’s Full-Color Palette

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Leak Reveals the Phone’s Full-Color Palette

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has had a long and winding route to release, but it appears that it is now on the verge of being formally introduced — and in the meanwhile, we have a sneak peek at all of the colours it will come in.

The Galaxy S21 FE is seen in black, white, pink, and green in these photos, which appear to be authentic renderings from the always-reliable WinFuture. It’s likely that additional colours will be released in the months following the first launch.

The colours in these images match what we’ve seen in earlier leaks, so it appears that these will be the options available for purchase on launch day.

We’ve also seen a navy blue-ish variant, which isn’t mentioned in this leak but might be unique to a certain location or the Samsung website.

Another intriguing tidbit from the same source: pricing in Europe is expected to start at €649 (about $735 / £550 / AU$1,030, however, Samsung will not employ a straight currency translation).

Is the pricing reasonable?

That’s the same starting price as the Galaxy S20 FE – at least in euros – and it seems that Samsung may have reached the same sweet spot with the sequel.

The Galaxy S20 FE was initially priced at $699 / £699 / AU$1,149 in several markets.

Apart from the colours, WinFuture also confirms some of the previously reported specs: the phone will have a 6.4-inch display, 8GB of RAM, and a choice of 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

Samsung’s 2022 flagship will be inexpensive, according to an analysis.

It seems like a long time ago when Samsung and Apple just released one flagship phone every year – that was before the industry learned that having many Galaxy S21 or iPhone 13 models at various price points was a superior approach for attracting more consumers.

If you’re looking for a top-tier Galaxy device in 2022, Samsung has added another choice with the Galaxy S21 FE.

Of course, it won’t have the same processing power or camera quality as the Galaxy S22, but it will provide specs that are near to flagship-level at a price that appears to be definitely mid-range.

It’s a clever strategy because it appeals to those – and there are a lot of them – who are willing to forego the highest specifications and the most up-to-date silicon in exchange for significant cost savings.

The Pixel 5a, the most current member of Google’s mid-range Pixel line, is based on the same concept.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s price will be critical to its success, especially because the Galaxy S22 will be released a month later (if the rumours are correct).

Expect Samsung to sell it as inexpensively as possible in order to get 2022 off to a good start.

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