Seagate is a renowned brand in India as well as other countries with specialization in storage devices. They specialize in External and Internal Hard Drives as well as Solid State Drives.

Now, coming to the External Hard drives they offer various choices in terms of colour as well as products with different features according to the budget. So if you’re planning to buy one you have various choices to suit your budget.

The options are :

Seagate Backup Plus Slim:

Seagate Expansion :

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim:

But for now we will talk about Seagate Backup Plus Slim which is best for Home usage, economical and easy to carry as it is smaller in dimension than the most economical Seagate Expansion Hard Drives.

You will think that this is better built but actually it’s not. It looks hard on the outside but actually has lesser protection if compared to WD my Passport Ultra.

Also there are issues reported by users regarding data corruption. If this happens, you have to pay a lot of money for data recovery if the hard disk is not under warranty.

There is no hardware encryption offered by the manufacturer whereas the competition provides it.


Western Digital is also a renowned brand in India and in other countries too but not as much popular as Seagate. They also specializes in Storage Devices.

They offer far more colour options as well as different product features to suit everyone’s budget.

For now we will talk about the WD My Passport External Hard Drive.

It has various colour options and much more than what the competition is offering.

The design is funky and it’s almost the size of a passport. Hence it is easy to carry in a pocket. Yes you heard it right.

The build quality isn’t impressive on the outside but it is built to last and believe me when I say it.

Also the company is offering Hardware enabled encryption which is missing in Seagate. It is a good feature to protect it from misuse if you intend to store some confidential information in it.


Writing and reading speeds are similar in both the devices

What is missing in Seagate is hardware encryption, colour options and build quality which the competition provides.

If you want my suggestion, I would suggest you to go for WD my passport External Hard Drive as it has few issues as compared to Seagate and is funkier too with a top notch quality.


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Western Digital-

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