WhatsApp is getting a new version that will include animated heart emojis.

WhatsApp is getting a new version that will include animated heart emojis.

According to a source, WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is preparing to add another little visual feature to its emojis.

According to a tip from WABetainfo, the WhatsApp monitor, the business is considering including the functionality in a future update.

When a user sends a red heart emoji, the animation is displayed, but it is only viewable when that specific red heart is sent.

According to the article, all other heart emojis will now have the same motion as the one displayed in the image.

“It’s nothing special: it’s just a minor addition,” it continued, “but small things may make a big difference.”

The image is from WhatsApp for iOS, but the firm is aiming to release a new WhatsApp beta for Android that will include the same feature.

The screenshot above helps to illustrate the differences between the two interfaces.

As you can see in the screenshot above, WhatsApp is changing the interface in preparation for a future update.

In order to make it more compact and modern while also organizing the available space: the new redesign will appear good, especially when making group phone conversations.

Even though the screenshot was taken on WhatsApp for iOS, WhatsApp is planning a similar overhaul for WhatsApp beta for Android in the near future.

WhatsApp will add end-to-end encryption indications.

WABetainfo.com previously stated that WhatsApp intends to include end-to-end encryption indications.

Chats between WhatsApp users, including those sent to groups, are secure in the sense that they remain private.

These conversations are not accessible to WhatsApp or its parent company, Meta. WhatsApp encourages users to remember that it is a safe place to communicate with their friends and family.

“In the Status and Calls section, WhatsApp will add new signs saying that your status updates, personal and group calls are always end-to-end encrypted, and this will never change.”

“WhatsApp is also intending to add the same notice in the Chats area, and at a later date, a new version on WhatsApp for Android is also planned to offer the same feature.”

It went on to say that this new visual feature isn’t visible right now because it’s still being worked on, but that it would be available in a future update.

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