Oneplus has started rolling out their latest Beta builds (OP-19 for Oneplus 6 and OP-11 for Oneplus 6T). It brings in new features such as Zen mode and Screen recorder which is seen on the Oneplus 7/7Pro.

The sad part is that there is no Nightscape 2.0 in this build which is dissapointing considering its a software upgradation .


Zen Mode:

This feature when activated, puts the phone in hibernation mode for 20 minutes and only emergency calls can be made and camera can be opened and nothing else.

This feature lets you enjoy other things by keeping the phone down.


Screen recorder:

This feature allows you to record the screen just like a DU screen recorder but unlike DU , it also allows you to record the internal audio of the phone.

This is a boon for the android gamers who are trying to upload their gameplay to youtube and other video uploading platforms such as Twitch etc.

Issues: The nav bar  is on the screen while recording which leads to unintended touches and also the area is not accessible.  See the image below on the bottom right corner .

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Let me know in the comment section about what do you think with the new updates

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