The Discovery-oriented UI for Android TV is now Available on More TVs in More Countries

In February of this year, Google launched a substantial UI change for the Android TV interface.

The new interface was inspired by the Google TV interface and focused on assisting consumers in discovering new content on the network.

On the other hand, the home screen has fewer tabs.

In July of this year, Google released another update for this new discovery-focused UI, which included three new features, including a watchlist.

The UI is currently being sent out to more TVs in more locations, and it includes a slight UI modification to the home screen.

Some customers in India, Brazil, and Europe have recently received the Android TV UI upgrade.

OnePlus TVs (through @hardik3333333), a few Xiaomi Mi Box models (via u/ErickJail), and even certain TCL TVs are said to be getting the UI.

It contains all of Google’s content discovery-related updates from February, as well as a modest home screen UI upgrade that adds a ‘Favorite applications’ carousel.

The current version also showcases all of Android TV’s discovery functions on the home screen, in addition to the UI improvements.

The ‘New features available now’ dialogue provides you a summary of the UI and navigation modifications, tailored suggestions, and home screen customizations by clicking on the ‘New features available now’ button.

The new UI modifications are reportedly being sent out with the current Android TV Home app update, according to user reports on Reddit.

Users in India, Brazil, Europe, and a few other countries have all got the update, so there doesn’t appear to be any geographical restrictions.

You may sideload the newest Android TV Home app update on your TV if you haven’t yet gotten the new UI.

Would you want Google to deploy the Google TV upgrade to your TV instead of the new Android TV UI changes?

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